Bombardier Global 5000

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Bombardier Global 5000 is one of the most spacious, quietest aircraft in its class having the same cabin width as the Global 6000. It offers an impressive flight range of up to 5000 nautical miles, a top speed of Mach 0.89, and accommodates up to 13 passengers or 7 sleeping. This aircraft has a spacious and fully-equipped galley with sufficient storage capacity and work surfaces that allow greater meal capabilities. With a lavatory featuring a large mirror, vanity, sink, and faucet, and a wardrobe for personal items, its cabin is designed to be comfortable for long transoceanic flights. It also features a sound-insulating sliding door separating the main cabin from the entrance.



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To further elevate your stay, we offer additional services that include an on-site chef, pre-arranged chartered flights and yachts, access to exclusive establishments and events, and tailored experience packages.



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We can arrange chartered flights to and from your destination should you prefer to travel privately. Help us understand your needs by filling up this form and our Client Relations Managers will guide you through the fleet of private jets and helicopters available.
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