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St. Moritz

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Each LVH luxury vacation home in St. Moritz is carefully curated with unrivaled amenities and unparalleled service to exceed our guests' expectations. LVH is the only super home chartering and luxury lifestyle management membership created for the world’s elite that brings together a collective of trusted homeowners and guests who share a passion for refinement, elegance, and elevated human experiences. With public and private elite homes in St. Moritz, endless possibilities await the most discerning guests.


Every detail of your stay has been meticulously considered; each luxury home has a dedicated on-site team, including a steward, housekeeping staff, and field manager.

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Additional Services

To further elevate your stay, we offer additional services that include an on-site chef, pre-arranged chartered flights and yachts, access to exclusive establishments and events, and tailored experience packages.



Experts in the demanding fields of luxury home charters, service, and global luxury lifestyle and home management.


Confident in the quality of what we do and focused on the unique needs of an elite echelon of society.


Perceptive judges of conduct, tact and when to preserve appropriate silence preserving your privacy and safety.


Culturally discerning with refined elegant tastes that offers access to the world’s most rare elevated experiences.

Discover St. Moritz

Switzerland's timeless charm converges with refined cultural sophistication in the renowned ski resort of St. Moritz. This iconic destination is synonymous with opulence, boasting a plethora of grand hotels and Michelin-starred restaurants that uphold a legacy of excellence and exquisite living. St. Moritz, often called the "miniature city" of the Alps, is unparalleled in its allure.Beyond being a mere holiday retreat, this picturesque town nestled in the Engadin Valley played a pioneering role in the development of alpine tourism, earning it UNESCO recognition for its breathtaking beauty. The backdrop of two Winter Olympic games further solidifies its status as a haven for winter sports enthusiasts. For well over a century, St. Moritz has been a bastion of elite living, and its influence has extended into the cultural zeitgeist, making appearances in iconic films such as those of James Bond and Alfred Hitchcock. It offers a haven for year-round sporting activities, relaxation, and rejuvenation, all delivered with elegance and style. St. Moritz embodies the essence of the ultimate luxury retreat, and its reputation precedes it as a sanctuary of unparalleled indulgence.

The dedicated LVH team ensures guests exceptional service and complete satisfaction throughout their stay in St. Moritz. LVH can arrange for private chefs, private jets, exotic cars, and anything else guests require to make their St. Moritz stay remarkable.

Luxury home rentals with full services and support can be arranged to accommodate groups of varying sizes, and are also ideal for lavish events. LVH offers an impressive list of specially curated properties that are some of the world’s most exquisite vacation estates. No matter what your chosen destination is, when you are seeking the best homes, you have the most elite selection from which to choose when booking your stay with LVH.

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St Moritz is home to some of the world’s most prestigious ski areas. Visitors from all over the world are drawn to its natural beauty and exhilarating winter activities. Experience luxury skiing in one of the world’s most prestigious winter playgrounds with three distinctly different areas to choose from: Corviglia, Diavolezza, and Corvatsch, you’ll be hard-pressed not to find yourself.


St. Moritz’s closest mountain is Corviglia. It is the birthplace of Alpine winter sports and was responsible for the start of winter tourism over 150 years ago. This region has always had a unique and luxurious ambiance, so Coco Chanel, Jacques Cartier, Conte Rossi, and Philippe de Rothschild established the Corviglia Ski Club in the 1930s. A haven for all-season sporting, relaxation, and rejuvenation with style, St. Moritz's embodiment of the ultimate luxury retreat precedes itself. The Corviglia Ski Area, at an altitude of 2,450 meters, is considered one of Switzerland’s top skiing destinations. It is a piste skiers paradise directly above St Moritz. Accessed by four different points in the valley, its 155km of sunny south-facing slopes are wonderful for fast turns and long lunches. Access to the ski area is from the villages of Celerina, St Moritz Bad (as in ‘spa’), the center of St Moritz, and Suvretta. It offers challenging pistes for advanced skiers, snowboarders, and beginner runs that everyone can enjoy. With over 40 kilometers of slopes, there is something for every level of skier or boarder.


Diavolezza Ski Resort is perched 3,000 meters above sea level, providing an awe-inspiring view of the surrounding mountains. This family-friendly ski destination offers slopes and runs suitable for all skill levels and a terrain park with ramps and rails for snowboarders. If you're looking for a unique high alpine, freeride experience with limited intermediate piste trails and no real beginner terrain, St Moritz, Switzerland's Diavolezza Ski Resort is the perfect place. Diavolezza-Lagalb is set above 2000m elevation — this incredible terrain offers quality snow, sensational off-piste and freeride opportunities, and an exhilarating 10km+ long valley run that feels like a heli-ski experience. Not to mention the breathtaking views!


This is another luxury ski destination that should not be overlooked. It features 80km of slopes, spectacular views, and luxury amenities to ensure an unforgettable skiing experience. Whether you want direct access to the mountain and its luxury restaurants or an adrenaline-charged black run. Ski Area has something to offer everyone who visits. The area has state-of-the-art luxury facilities, including high-end restaurants, luxury ski lodges, and lavish snow parks. a north-facing behemoth up to 3303m and includes 120km of piste and a glacier in its terrain. The polar opposite of Corviglia (it is shaded and colder). Excellent snow quality. More terrain diversity than in Corviglia. Superb mountain eateries and Phenomenal vistas


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In this winter wonderland, you'll be surrounded by natural beauty in every direction. From the pristine alpine lakes to the majestic mountainscapes and quaint villages, there's no shortage of awe-inspiring sights to behold. Known not just for its scenery but for its magnificent accommodations, luxurious boutiques, and famous lake, St. Moritz is divided into two “main” parts, the 'Dorf' (village) and the 'Bad' (baths). However, several small villages close to the resort of St Moritz of the Engadine.

St. Moritz-Dorf

St. Moritz-Bad is situated at a lower altitude than St. Moritz-Dorf and is often considered more vibrant. It is known for its beautiful hotels, the Engadiner Museum, several shopping arcades, and the Hanselmann toboggan run.

St. Moritz-Bad

St. Moritz-Bad is situated at a lower altitude and is the more modern of the two villages. It is home to many luxury hotels and resorts, as well as an outdoor swimming pool and spa. St. Moritz-Bad is connected to St. Moritz-Dorf by a cable car, making it easy to travel between the two villages. The Badrutt's Palace Hotel is one of the most famous attractions in the area.


Nestled just a stone's throw from St. Moritz, the idyllic village of Celerina basks in the sunlight, having even more hours of glorious sunshine than its more renowned neighbor. What makes this picturesque place truly shine is its stunningly preserved village center, coupled with a vast array of activities like skiing, tobogganing, cross-country skiing, winter hiking, bobsledding and the Cresta Run – all waiting to be enjoyed in the snow!


Descending into the Val Bever side valley, Bever reveals its tranquil charm. Here, close to the action yet far enough away to relax, you can find the delightful Engadine houses and appreciate the beauty of the Beverin River. In summer and autumn, its cerulean waters contrast with the warm seasonal colors that adorn the area, creating an idyllic atmosphere. A journey to Bever on the Albula train route, part of the UNESCO World Heritage, is a delight.

La Punt-Chamues-Ch

The village spreads across the Engadin valley floor amid wild peaks, fragrant mountain pine forests, and the Albula slope. Delightfully picturesque and kissed by the sun, the village beckons with its impressive patrician houses from the 16th and 17th centuries, providing a glimpse into its past as a bustling trading center along the historic Albula Line. The unique Engadin sgraffito and Romanesque sayings adorning the facades of La Punt Chamues-ch's striking, historic houses grant it an undeniable charm. Its location at the foot of the Albula Pass made it a strategic hub for transportation and trading, attracting the attention of many affluent families who built their opulent residences here as a testament to their power


Perched atop the picturesque Bernina massif, 1800 meters high, Pontresina welcomes those seeking peaceful reprieve, connoisseurs and adventurers alike. This mountain village, steeped in history, boasts delightful hotel buildings from the Belle Epoque era and quaint Engadine houses adorned with 17th and 18th-century sgraffito. Immerse yourself in the wondrous mountain and glacial landscape and discover a plethora of outdoor activities to keep you entertained, from the challenging climb to Piz Bernina's 4049 meters to sunny strolls on warm days.


Perched at an elevation of 1720 m above sea level, the sun-drenched La Plaiv valley is home to Samedan - an idyllic hub that has attracted many from near and far. Not to mention the Rhaetian Railway, which has one of the canton's most important junction stations here. Or take a flight to Engadin Airport, the highest airport in Europe - conveniently located for exploring the many exciting excursions in the region. Wherever your curiosity takes you, you'll find it just a stone's throw away from Samedan. When considering Samedan, an array of appealing traits come to mind instantly: sun-kissed, positioned atop the highest airport in Europe, steeped in history, vibrant with sporty activities, and of course, the Romansh word centre. This concise term is an apt descriptor for the town, for, owing to its prime central position, it is the hub of public transport and a great starting point for excursions throughout the valley. Samedner's Muottas Muragl, boasting the Engadine's iconic panoramic view, is as much part of the municipal area as the enchanting Val Roseg. A hike in the region encapsulates its captivating contrasts, featuring gentle peaks and lush meadows alongside mighty glaciers, snow-capped peaks, dense forests, and glimmering lakes - an adventure that will leave visitors in awe of the Engadin's amazing diversity. \


Situated in the vibrant heart of the majestic Upper Engadine lake landscape, Silvaplana radiates with life. Home to majestic mountains such as the Piz Julier, Piz Surlej, and the local Corvatsch, the waterfront paradise offers a variety of thrilling sports activities in its three districts – Silvaplana, Champfèr, and Surlej. Immersed in the picturesque lake landscape, Silvaplana is now a popular international destination for watersport lovers in summer and freestylers in winter.The village experienced a significant revamp with the newly constructed Village Centre. In 2018, Plazza dal Güglia was opened, and since then, it has been the site of festivities, theatrical performances, markets, and concerts. An inviting, car-free environment, it's a wonderful place to congregate and brings something special to the village. To truly appreciate its beauty and charm, however, one must witness it firsthand.


Gazing across the boundless Silser plain and the azure lake, one will comprehend Hermann Hesse's vision, for he referred to this tranquil place as the "paradise I dreamed of.” Perched between Lake Sils and Lake Silvaplana, the picturesque village serves as a gateway to the Fex Valley, which is embellished with flower-strewn meadows and is utterly enchanting when explored via horse-drawn carriage. Unsurprisingly, this stunning landscape inspired many creatives, from writers like Nietzsche, Dürrenmatt, and Kästner to artists such as Beuys and Chagall and musicians like Strauss, Honegger, and David Bowie. As a result of these creative minds, Sils has earned its place in the world as an Engadine cultural center.


Experience the unpretentious environment, the spirit of renowned artists, and the culture and natural beauty of a mountain valley when you journey to the Italian-speaking border of Switzerland. With its grand Hotel Maloja Palace and majestic Belvedere Tower, Maloja is a sight to behold when driving in from the Engadin. This village, which was formerly used as an Alp from the 15th century, has an enchanting story, full of rustic charm and centuries of history. Once here, you’ll be able to discover the history left behind by Roman settlers as you take a leisurely stroll along the trails that wind their way up to Cavril. But it’s not just history you’ll find here, this picturesque landscape is known to have captivated and inspired many famous painters. From the moment you step out of your holiday home in Maloja, you’ll be immediately immersed in the beauty of untouched nature.


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St. Moritz boasts an extraordinary fine dining scene that caters to the refined tastes of luxury travelers. What sets apart St. Moritz's culinary offerings is the harmonious blend of exquisite ingredients, innovative techniques, and breathtaking settings. The town is renowned for hosting some of the world's most exclusive restaurants, helmed by Michelin-starred chefs who showcase their culinary artistry. These elite dining establishments present exceptional dishes meticulously crafted with precision and creativity, utilizing locally sourced ingredients and seasonal delicacies. Whether indulging in truffle-infused masterpieces or savoring delectable Alpine-inspired cuisine, St. Moritz promises a gastronomic journey. Furthermore, the dining experiences are equally impressive, with upscale venues offering stunning views of the lake, panoramic mountain vistas, and cozy interiors illuminated by the warm glow of crackling fires. Expect the extraordinary at the following elite restaurants:

Ristorante Da Adriano Kempinski | Italian, Mediterranean

Adriano and his team invite guests to savor the Italian "dolce vita" with a flavorful menu featuring homemade pastas, antipasti, fish, and perfectly prepared meat dishes. Combined with a delectable Italian wine list perfectly paired with each dish, and the stunning ambiance of chandeliers, columns, and stucco ceilings, "Da Adriano" promises a night of blissful delight! Relish the delightful combination of carefully sourced ingredients, lovingly prepared and served in a stunning, authentically Victorian atmosphere at Ristorante Da Adriano - for a dining experience that's sure to stay with you for a while.

Mono Restaurant | Italian & Swiss

Tantalize your taste buds with the delectable traditional dishes and Italian menu served up at the Mono Restaurants. The love and care put into making each dish, combined with the finest ingredients, ensure a truly unforgettable culinary experience. Let the creative chefs at Mono take you on a journey of Italian-Mediterranean delights, enhanced by the perfect wines from the first-class wine cellar 'La Cantina'. In the evenings, enjoy a tipple at the 'St. Moritz Sky Bar on the rooftop.

Dal Mulin | Haute Swiss

In the heart of St Moritz lies a modern, rustic, and stylish restaurant with a friendly ambiance. Its charming and attentive staff serves up cuisine that is just as informal as the atmosphere but far from plain, with a focus on carefully crafted, delicate dishes. To top it off, its outstanding wine selection even boasts its own wine shop!

Chesa Al Parc | Traditional Swiss

Chesa al Parc, part of the magnificent five-star Kulm Hotel, is an extraordinary restaurant serving a stunning array of authentic Swiss cuisine, made with only the finest, freshest ingredients by their award-winning chefs. Not only is it a feast for your taste buds, but your soul, too! To top it off, the restaurant has wonderful traditional decor, complete with a stunning terrace that gives you a breathtaking view of the park and the Alps. Truly, Chesa al Parc is one of the region's premier eateries.

The Royal Mongolian Restaurant | Asian-Mongolian

Nestled within the inviting Hotel San Gian, The Royal Mongolian Restaurant is the ideal destination for those wishing to enjoy a tranquil yet exotic dining experience brimming with tantalizing gastronomic explorations. From the generous all-you-can-eat buffet featuring exciting dishes such as crocodiles and kangaroo to the array of vegan and vegetarian delights, there is something to suit everyone’s tastes. Plus, the restaurant’s lively open kitchen show lets you witness your meal being created right before your eyes!

Alte Pizzeria | Italian

Experience the warmth and charm of Italy at our traditionally styled trattoria - proudly boasting 14 points in the GaultMillau Guide! Let your taste buds be tantalized with a delicious selection of southern Italian fish and meat specialties, pasta, and wood-fired pizza. Enjoy our traditional trattoria's pleasant variety and Italianità and its beautiful sun terrace. Delizioso!

Veltlinerkeller | Swiss

Step into Veltlinerkeller in St Moritz Bad, and you will be transported into a dreamy rustic world. Delight in the cozy and traditional atmosphere as you savor the classic Swiss delicacies, all perfectly cooked. Enjoy homemade pasta (the pizzoccheri is especially scrumptious), as well as succulent meat and fish, much of which is cooked on a charcoal grill - all served with heartfelt passion.

La Marmite | Swiss and International

Perched atop the majestic Corviglia mountain, La Marmite is an iconic restaurant renowned for being one of the highest in the world. As part of the opulent Mathis Food Affairs establishment, its modern architecture is a striking contrast to the majestic snowy backdrop. Boasting six unique restaurants, La Marmite stands out as the chicest, with exquisite dishes from venison to lobster to caviar, all accompanied by breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains.

La Coupole | Japnese-Peruvian

The magnificence of La Coupole, a Japanese-Peruvian restaurant crafted by the renowned chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa, shines through in its grand timber beams, glass ceilings, and minimalist yet refined menu. Unparalleled in design, this exclusive eatery is one of only seven of Matsuhisa's establishments across the globe. .

La Chavallera | Modern, Alpine

If you're after a truly luxurious dining experience, LA CHAVALLERA is the place for you. Nestled in the heart of St. Moritz, it promises an exquisite experience. Chef Martin Rieder has assembled an exquisite menu filled with fresh ingredients sourced locally, some of which he has even grown in his garden on-site. You will also be treated to a warm and inviting atmosphere, with stunning lake views while you dine. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and presentation, their dishes create an unforgettable culinary experience. The beautifully appointed Swiss pine dining rooms range from traditional to modern minimalist, perfectly complementing the warm atmosphere of Gemütlichkeit. Enhance your meal further with classic Swiss specialties like homemade capuns (stuffed chard leaves) and delicacies from the Swiss pine smoker like fish and meat.

Kulum Country Club | Mediterranean

Visit the 1928 Olympic Pavilion, renovated by the legendary Sir Norman Foster, and indulge in a leisurely lunch on the expansive sun deck, an effortless dinner, a delicious tarte flambée, or stimulating conversations at the chic bar. Sample the modern, Italian-Mediterranean creations of local chef Daniel Müller, made with the freshest local ingredients. Indulge in some scrumptious pasta and risotto, the mouth-watering Tuscan Panzanella, or tuna with fried Asian veggies - they are all highly recommended. While you feast, take in the inspiring sight of historical photos and old bobsleds, reminding you of St. Moritz's vibrant Olympic legacy.


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Restaurant Cà D’oro | Mediterranean

1 Star Michelin

Enjoy an unforgettable culinary journey in the 17 Gault Millau points accredited gourmet restaurant curated by the head chef Leo Ott and his team. The Michelin-starred gourmet restaurant Cà d’Oro is second to none in the region for its unforgettable Mediterranean cuisine. Offering a combination of traditional and well-loved dishes with more modern elements, there is something to suit every taste. Located at the Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bains.

Igniv By Andreas Caminada | Creative

2 Stars Michelin

Igniv, a Rhaeto-Romanic word meaning "nest", encapsulates comfort and coziness at the heart of Badrutt's Palace - the pinnacle of Engadin's luxury hotel scene. Patricia Urquiola's sublime interior design merges stylish rusticity with contemporary elements. In the open kitchen, Andreas Caminada's illustrious sharing concept shines through with a regular or vegetarian/vegan set menu crafted with regional ingredients and a cosmopolitan twist. Let yourself be surprised and seduced by the diverse creations as well as the wine cellar counting 30 000-plus different labels, some of them being true gems. \

Krone | Italian, Classic French

1 Star Michelin

Samuel Carugati is the visionary young chef behind this long-standing Italian restaurant, where he focuses on simplicity in both presentation and classic flavors. An expert in the French fundamentals of the cuisine, his dishes boast tantalizing aromas and intense flavors of the finest ingredients. Combining the best of Italy and classical cuisine, guests can indulge in an exquisite experience complemented by an extensive selection of high-quality wines, many in large-format bottles.

The K By Mauro Colagreco | French

1 Star Michelin

Treat yourself to some exquisite culinary delights at the fine dining restaurant in the distinguished Kulm Hotel St Moritz! Open only during the winter sea, experience the pleasure of dining under a beautiful white vaulted ceiling, indulging in the multi-faceted, perfectly balanced, and always surprising cuisine crafted by Argentinean culinary grandmaster Mauro Colagreco. Whether you opt for the surprise menu or order à la carte, you can get a taste of his award-winning specialties without having to journey all the way to Menton on the Côte d'Azur.

Da Vitorio | Italian

2 Stars Michelin

Indulge in the Carlton Hotel's exquisite restaurant that is both stylish and cosy, and enjoy the serene lake views. In the wintertime, a talented kitchen team serves up light and precise Italian cuisine with a focus on the quality of ingredients. Savor signature dishes from the parent restaurant in Brusaporto, Lombardy, such as paccheri alla Vittorio and a range of raw fish and shellfish dishes, like crudo d'Amare.

Chesa Suva Colani | Innovative Italian

1 Star Michelin

Paolo Casanova's cooking is a cut above the rest - an expertly crafted blend of technical precision, seasonal inspiration, and personal touches. A passion for local ingredients and a flair for experimentation — growing and gathering his own herbs and experimenting with fermentation and pickling to give the dishes an extra special personal touch as well as a range of interesting flavor nuances. It's an experience that truly has to be seen to be believed!T Not to mention, the restaurant itself is in a wonderful location, its ambiance perfectly blending warm, local wood furnishings with minimalist elegance. If you're looking for something a little more casual, there is also a delightful bistro in lieu of the opulent restaurant.

Talvo By Dalsass | Mediterranean

1 Star Michelin

Talvo is a delightful Engadine farmhouse with a wood-paneled interior from the 17th century, successfully combining coziness and rustic elegance. This remarkable culinary history is perpetuated by a father-and-son duo consisting of Martin, a Michelin-starred chef with a lifelong dedication, and Andrea Dalsass, the ideal host and sommelier. Their uncomplicated but flavorful dishes focus on the three key elements of taste, vibrancy, and aroma.

Ecco On Snow | Creative, Modern

2 Stars Michelin

The exquisite culinary experience of Ecco on Snow is masterminded by the remarkable two-Michelin star chef Rolf Fliegauf. In the summer months, they delight guests at Ecco on Lake Maggiore, while as the snow blankets the ground, they move to the Giardino Mountain hotel in the Engadine valley. This chic white and gold restaurant allows guests to savor an array of innovative dishes, all of which are perfectly accompanied by a vast selection of wines. An atmosphere of refinement and sophistication awaits, certain to please even the most discerning gourmands. You'll feel the power and skill of the Swabian-born chef as you savor each of the four to seven courses of the set menu, where premium ingredients are the star of the show. You're in the hands of a devoted and affable host, Jenifer Fliegauf, who provides her guests with impeccable and effortless service.


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Not just renowned for its incredible skiing, St Moritz also offers plenty of après-ski options. In contrast to the bustling après scenes of Swiss skiing hot spots like Zermatt or Verbier, St Moritz's is far more subdued - but no less enjoyable! The mountain top boasts huts perfect for sipping that last drink before making the downhill journey to the bars in the valley. You won't soon forget the rush of the downhill runs or the picture-perfect slope that was your last run of the day before heading off to the bars and parties that await you!


Right at the core of Marguns ski area, the Sternbar awaits - one of the hippest outdoor bars in the Engadin, thanks to its host, Marc Guler. Originally hailing from the Canton of Uri, Marc has been spicing up the atmosphere at the bar and turntables for sixteen years now.The Sternbar doesn't just cater to partygoers; it also appeals to those looking for a relaxing experience. Guests can unwind, soak in the breathtaking mountain views and enjoy a beer, a glass of punch, champagne, or wine, all while cozying up in a warm woolen blanket on a sun lounger.

Bar Finale

In winter, the Bar Finale at the Celerina valley station is the place to be. Famous for its legendary après-ski atmosphere, guests can kick back and unwind while being catered to by the expert hands of the renowned bartender, Marc Guler, a.k.a. “Mister Sternbar Marguns.” Whether you’re a skier, snowboarder, or hiker, the Bar Finale is the perfect place to start off a wild night in St. Moritz. Yet, even during the summer months, it's the perfect spot to relax and unwind at the end of the day.

Hauser’s Roo Bar

In 1955, Albert Hauser opened the RooBar café-restaurant with 18 hotel beds and a sun terrace. After a day filled with skiing, snowboarding, and sledding, the RooBar on the Hauser Terrasse is the perfect spot to get the night started! This lively après ski hotspot situated on St. Moritz's main square is a place where young and old, sporty types and leisure-seekers, locals and visitors alike, come to enjoy local beer, creative cocktails, and mulled wine, as well as live music and concerts. Come get your spirits up, and let the fun begin!


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Casino At The Kempinski Grand Hotel

For a night of unparalleled entertainment, the Club Bar at Casino St. Moritz is the ultimate place to be. International guests are invited to indulge in the myriad of games on offer, with 3 American Roulette tables, 2 Black Jack tables, 1 Ultimate Texas Hold'em Poker table and a Punto-Banco table to choose from. On top of that, 65 slot machines offer an exciting virtual world, combining the luxuriant atmosphere of the casino with the thrill of digital gaming. Come and experience the ultimate night out!

Grace N° 5

GRACE N° 5 Cocktail Bar is the vibrant center of the new St. Moritz 5-star hotel, boasting a chic and cutting-edge array of eight food and drink outlets. It is the heartbeat of St. Moritz, providing a cool destination for globetrotters and trendsetters year-round. Offering a tantalizing fusion of flavor and style for the senses, this hip hangout is the ideal place to enjoy a Living Room experience with High Tea, Bubbles and Sweets for all the Chill Masters out there.

Dracula's Ghost Riders Club

The Dracula Club, renowned the world over, was opened in the 1970s by photographer, art collector, and jet-setting Gunter Sachs and started as an exclusive secret society for bobsledders (the original Ghost Riders). Gunter Sachs’ son, Rolf Sachs, currently runs Dracula, and its doors remain exclusive to members and their friends. With seating for 150, the restaurant provides a cozy atmosphere and an exclusive experience.The Dracula’s Ghost Riders Club is open during the winter season only, and while access to the restaurant is available upon request, the nightclub is accessible to Life Members and their guests exclusively. The club’s chef de cuisine, Marco D‘Agati, strives to create a culinary experience that combines classic recipes with flavors from his and his kitchen team's Sicilian heritage.The Festival da Jazz with world-renowned performers takes place in summer within the club's intimate confines.

Devil’s Place

Perched atop the breathtaking Hotel Waldhaus am See on the banks of Lake St Moritz lies Devil's Place, a warm and welcoming bar. Boasting the world's largest selection of whiskey with an astonishing 2,500 different varieties, it is an absolute mecca for whiskey connoisseurs. From Scottish single malts to Irish whiskeys to bourbons and more, whiskey lovers are guaranteed to find their perfect poison here. And if whiskey is not your drink of choice, then the impressive wine cellar offers up over 1,400 different vintages from France, Spain, Australia, Italy and America. For the ultimate tasting experience, step into the Smokers' Room, lined with whisky bottles and an array of cigars for you to choose from. The staff will help you pick the perfect pairing – stop by and savor the finest whisky and a cigar.

Chesa Veglia

Since 1936, Chesa Veglia at the iconic Badrutt's Palace Hotel has been a much-loved destination for discerning foodies and VIPs alike. Through the passing of eight decades, its cozy, rustic atmosphere continues to draw in locals and tourists alike, ensuring its lasting popularity. Boasting three restaurants and two bars, Chesa Veglia is the place to be for après ski indulgences such as mulled wine, champagne and delectable treats.

King’s Club

Famous throughout the town and beyond, King's Club at Badrutt's Palace Hotel invites its guests to be dazzled by a world of glitz and glamour in the heart of the stylish resort. With different world-class DJs playing each night and breathtaking views of the Engadine landscape, visiting King's Club is an unforgettable experience. There is no designated closing time, so you can stay and dance until you see the sunrise - an incredible sight in its own right!

Hemingway’s Club

In the heart of the town on the gorgeous Plazza dal Mulin, Hemingway’s Club has achieved a legendary reputation. It's renowned in the resort for being one of the most upbeat and spirited après-ski hotspots, where the party rages on until the wee hours in a vibrant atmosphere. This unconventional yet sophisticated club is the ultimate spot to cut loose and have a blast. Here you can rub elbows with an eclectic range of people - including the occasional celebrity.

Sunny Bar

For decades, the Sunny Bar in the Kulm Hotel has been the rendezvous of choice for the daredevil pilots of the Cresta Run. In the Alps' oldest sports bar, the rankings of the day still echo throughout the room at lunchtime in winter and celebrations are held in a distinguished British manner. As the evening progresses, the iconic pub is then transformed into an elegant restaurant - Claudia Canessa's Sunny Bar - where guests can enjoy exciting culinary creations and flavourful Peruvian street food. And after hours, the wooden bar is converted back into a buzzing sports bar, with the occasional jazz concert to round out the night.

Altitude Bar

For gin connoisseurs, the Altitude Bar in the Kulm Hotel is a paradise. With one of the largest gin collections in the Upper Engadine, the bar invites guests to indulge in a classic bar atmosphere accompanied by the soothing sounds of a piano. And while sipping on their drinks, they can also enjoy the pleasant ambiance of the hotel lobby. Alongside a range of snacks from the lounge menu, the Miles Davis Lounge offers the perfect accompaniment – an exquisite selection of the finest cigars.


In the heart of St. Moritz lies Balthazar, a bar crafted by the Gucci heirs with a stunningly luxurious atmosphere. With the legendary Elektra coffee machine brewing and drinks shaken with Champagne and Grey Goose, Balthazar is the epitome of fine dining and is open all day. Traditional Italian cuisine, contemporary gastronomy, pizza and pasta, an impressive selection of Dom Perignon champagne and the Cohiba Behike Habana Cigar Lounge – Balthazar is the finest bar experience in St. Moritz.


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Amid its natural alpine setting, St. Moritz offers a shopping experience that is second to none compared with all the big international fashion capitals. Stroll down Via Serlas, a luxurious avenue offering designer boutiques such as Cartier, Hermès and a variety of sumptuous Swiss chocolatiers; explore fascinating art galleries, and indulge in some pampering at a spa - there's much more to St. Moritz than just après-ski bars and cafés!

Via Serlas

The street is home to the world's highest outdoor shopping avenue, with 74 shops, luxury brand boutiques, and flagship stores. VIA SERLAS Via Serlas is to St. Moritz what the Bahnhofstrasse is to Zurich, or the Via Montenapoleone to Milan. Shopping is a uniquely special experience on this highest luxury mile in the world.

  • Loro Piana,
  • Moncler,
  • Cartier,
  • Dior,
  • Dolce & Gabbana,
  • Hermès,
  • Patek Philippe,
  • Bogner,
  • Valentino,
  • Kjus
  • Chapard Boutique

Palace Galerie

As Retail Consultant for Badrutt's Palace, Anne-Sophie Bonnisseau shares that, “People visit St. Moritz to discover something exclusive and limited edition; something that will evoke a lasting memory of the place when they return home.”The Palace Galerie of the hotel stands as a testament to meeting the exacting standards of its distinguished customers, offering rare, one-of-a-kind pieces. It is renowned as the highest luxury shopping street in the world, home to renowned labels such as Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Bulgari and Dior. However, the hard-to-find items truly make the Palace Galerie so special.

Gubelin Jewellery

Gubelin jewelry, the iconic Swiss brand, brings a captivating collection of modern, minimal rings - crafted with rubies traceable to Greenland and complemented by sustainable gold. The highlight of the family-owned and operated collection is the jaw-dropping Blue Lagoon cocktail ring: a bold, eye-catching design featuring a mesmerizing 10.65-carat Burmese sapphire, plus tourmalines and diamonds.

Duca Di San Giusto Cashmere

Duca Di San Giusto Cashmere as the name suggests, is a cashmere store founded in 1919, Duca Di San Giusto Cashmere is one of the oldest and most widely recognized names in the cashmere industry. The company specializes in high-quality cashmere products for both men and women.

The Wega Bookstore

The Wega Bookstore store in St. Moritz is a haven for book lovers. The store specializes in books on art, fashion, and design, and it has been named one of the best bookstores in Switzerland. Wega opened its doors in the heart of St. Moritz, in May 1906, originally as a stationery shop. Throughout the years, a bookshop and a souvenir shop have also been part of Wega. Not only do they offer a wide selection of modern and classic books about the Engadin, local artists, and leisure activities in Graubünden and Switzerland, but their stationery department is stocked with the finest German, English, French, and Italian products, from artists' supplies to office supplies. Last but not least, the souvenir department boasts a carefully curated selection of quality local products, as well as board games and other items that will remind you of your visit.

Cashmere House Lamm

The passion for cashmere has been burning since 1935 when Lamm began selecting the finest, most beautiful pieces for its customers. They proudly offer one of the largest color and model selections of cashmere sweaters available. The high standards of production ensure you always get the best quality cashmere sourced ethically in Italy or Scotland. Take a look and find your perfect cashmere.


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St Moritz is a city of art and culture, the kind of place where you can indulge your senses in all things beautiful. No matter what you're looking for—whether it's a casual stroll through an outdoor gallery or a private viewing of one of the most famous pieces of art in history—there's something here to suit your needs. The most famous galleries in St Moritz are mostly located downtown, near the train station. St Moritz is one of the most popular places in the world to see art. The city has a long history of art patronage, dating back to the early 19th century, and it's home to a number of top galleries that showcase modern and contemporary art.

Vito Schnabel

In 2015, Vito Schnabel, the son of renowned painter and film director Julian Schnabel, opened his gallery in the charming Swiss town of St. Moritz. Presenting American art world favorites, such as Laurie Anderson, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Jeff Elrod, Urs Fischer, Walton Ford, Ron Gorchov, Imi Knoebel, Harmony Korine, Rene Ricard, Walter Robinson, Sterling Ruby, Julian Schnabel and Andy Warhol, in addition to exciting new talent, Vito has extended his curatorial reach beyond New York and Santa Monica, which he regularly showcases in the United States.

Atr Studio Giada Bianchi

Giada Bianchi, born in Lugano in 1974, has always had a passion for art. After college, she pursued her dream by working as an interior designer and later as an editor for a magazine's social media network. From this experience, she recognized the need to create a safe space where individuals can freely express themselves without judgment. In 2017, the artist relocated to the Engadine, and her studio has since come alive with creative activity. This drove the inception of the "Narrative Art" project, where personal stories are transformed into unique sonic soundscapes and eventually become the basis of vivid visuals. Various cultural figures such as Vito Mancuso, Byung-Chul Han, François Cheng, Miguel Benasayag, James Hillman, Simone Weil, and Hermann Hesse are a source of inspiration, not to mention the stunning alpine scenery and the awe-inspiring sky. \

Gallery Elle

Galerie Elle in Zurich, a longstanding establishment, is a favorite of many customers who also have a second home in the Engadine, where they often prefer to be surrounded by artworks inspired by the region's scenery. With her gallery at Suvretta House in Zurich in mind, the gallery's owner has put together a special collection tailored to her clientele in the Upper Engadine of the Alps. Featuring works made of materials such as gold and mother-of-pearl, this collection captures the beauty of the region and its spectacular illumination.

Central Art Gallery

The Central Art Gallery, housed in the iconic Tilla Theus building, is the ideal home for art influenced by the breathtaking beauty and charm of the Engadine. Here, local artists are inspired to craft expressive works of wide varieties, with pieces either connected to the Engadine or from artists who call the gorgeous High Valley home, having been locally managed since the summer of 2020. The artwork exhibited offers a glimpse into the diverse array of artistic creations still connected to the Engadin while remaining affordable and in line with the theme of "Bringing the Engadin to Art". Not intended to be "high art", the successive exhibitions serve to be accessible to all. 

The St. Moritz Design Gallery

The Serletta multi-story car park is much more than just a car park - it's a cultural hub! Positioned between the train station, the lake, and Badrutt's Palace Hotel, the 'St. Moritz Design Gallery features 31 large, illuminated showcases exhibiting valuable posters and photographs reflecting the captivating history of St. Moritz. Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and attracting around a million visitors each year, the St. Moritz Design Gallery is the most popular gallery in the Alpine region!

Bel Air Fine Art

Established two decades ago, Bel-Air Fine Art has solidified itself as one of the preeminent contemporary art gallery groups in Europe. Boasting 22 exhibition spaces in renowned locations throughout Switzerland, France, Italy, Belgium and the United States, this gallery is followed by more than 30,000 art aficionados, 10,000 of whom are avid collectors from around the globe.

Hauser & Wirth

Founded in Zurich in 1992, Hauser & Wirth Gallery has established itself as one of the most esteemed galleries in Switzerland. With exhibition rooms in Hong Kong, New York, Los Angeles, and London, as well as an in-house publisher, this impressive gallery expanded even further in December 2018 when they opened a branch on Via Serlas in St. Moritz. Boasting a captivating array of over 75 artists and collections that have built the gallery's character throughout the past 25 years, Hauser & Wirth provide an all-encompassing experience with art, education, and sustainability, occasionally hosting stimulating discussions.

Segantini Museum

Giovanni Segantini (1858-1899) The world-renowned Segantini Museum, built in 1908 by Engadine architect Nicolaus Hartmann (1880-1956) to honor the great painter Giovanni Segantini (1858–1899), who significantly changed the artistic aesthetics of the mountain landscape with his Symbolist and Divisionism paintings, has been expanded three times since. Today, St. Moritz is home to the most comprehensive and important collection of Segantini's masterpieces, celebrating his remarkable Realistic Symbolism and reformations of Alpine painting at the turn of the century. Tragically, Segantini passed away while working on his monumental triptych "Werden–Sein–Vergehen" (Becoming-Being-Passing) atop Schafberg in Pontresina.

Engadine Museum

The Museum Engiadinais proudly showcases its 21 exhibition rooms, where historical interiors from five centuries come alive; paneled rooms from the Engadine and neighboring regions, a stateroom from Valtellina, a grand kitchen and a bedroom, all lovingly placed together. All this was made possible by the renowned architect N. Hartmann (1880-1956), who designed the structure with the traditional Engadine house in mind, specifically for this remarkable collection. Thanks to the renovation in 2016, the museum was able to set up additional collections and host a permanent exhibition on the Romansh language. \

Berry Museum

Immerse yourself in the works of the renowned spa doctor and painter Peter Robert Berry (1864-1942) at the Villa Arona Exhibition. Spanning more than 40 years, the collection offers a vivid display of the power of light and the radiance of his beloved landscapes, preserved and admired to this day. Further, explore the life and works of this masterful artist at the Berry Museum. His extraordinary legacy of books, letters, notes, diaries, music, and documents such as maps, brochures, and writings on the founding and development of St. Moritz is displayed in the exhibit - with the majority of his paintings, pastels, and drawings now a part of his family's collection. These pieces have been restored to their original splendor for everyone to enjoy.

Nietzsche House

For seven consecutive summers starting in 1881, Friedrich Nietzsche spent an immensely inspiring and productive period in the picturesque town of Sils Maria, residing in a humble abode belonging to the Durisch family. His health-conscious nature rejoiced in the dry, sunny climate of the Engadin, which provided relief for his regular bouts of debilitating migraine-like headaches. The house in which he stayed has been turned into an eclectic exhibition space featuring an extensive array of photos and documents, manuscripts, and letters from the Sils era, a comprehensive collection of works published by Nietzsche himself during his lifetime, including rare dedication copies. Moreover, visitors can explore documentation on the forgeries by Nietzsche's sister and his time as a professor in Basel (Basler room with original furniture and documents from the Basel period 1869-79).


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From the stunning winter resort of St. Moritz, Fuorcla Chamuotsch is the ultimate heliskiing destination, only a five-minute flight away! Here, you'll be dropped off at a whopping 9,500 feet, allowing you to take in the remarkable views from Valletta dal Güglia or Val Suvretta. There are around 20 routes available, offering a range of different terrains and gradients, from steep-face skiing to gentle, leisurely slopes. Make your way down the varied valleys, and you could find yourself finishing the run at the beautiful Julier Pass or in the center of St. Moritz.

Driving On Ice

Ice driving is a thrilling winter sport available in some of the world's most stylish sports cars and the world’s most prestige destinations which is sure to give you the ultimate adrenaline rush. Such is driving Aston Martin in St Moritz, one of the slickest cars on one of the iciest terrains — the 60cm thick ice sheet covering lake Sankt Moritz’s surface. Aston Martin offers an unparalleled snow and ice driving experience, where each car is equipped with special winter tires and sophisticated electronic safety systems. It is perfect for those who are fans of the original English sports car. A specially developed program features guided training by professional instructors and allows drivers to develop the skills required to drive on ice.

Photoshoot Experience In St. Moritz

If you would like to capture that elusive moment of your vacation in St Moritz, you might like to book a photoshoot with professional photographer Agostina Schenone. The unique “dance with the camera” photo session experience in the majestic Engadin valley gives your vacation an added dimension. The expert photographer will use their skills to capture the awe-inspiring beauty of the landscape and the emotions it stirs in you. Fully customizable to suit your personal wishes and desires, the session can be held anywhere you desire in the Engadin.

Ice Bath In Lake St. Moritz

Winter bathing in ice-cold water stimulates the internal organs, revs up your circulation, and releases adrenaline. A ritual that strengthens your immune system and awakens emotions. This is a strengthening ritual for healthy people: Winter baths remain a pleasant memory if they are taken sensibly - and in accordance with the rules. That is why trained, competent guides accompany you on your ice bath in Lake St. Moritz. This experience will leave your cheeks glowing for a long time to come.

The St. Moritz Snow Golf Days

Golfing on ice has now become a reality! in February, a 9-hole golf course will be created on the frozen surface of Lake St. Moritz, offering three days of exciting golf opportunities to all golf enthusiasts. In the morning of the announced days, a golf tournament will be held for those with a valid golf license. After the tournament is over, the course is open to all, regardless of skill level. On-site rental equipment and other golfing accessories will be available. So, come to Lake St. Moritz and enjoy the winter wonderland of golfing!

Snow E-Biking Tour

Venture out on a fantastic e-bike tour through the wonderful landscape of the Upper Engadine and the most beautiful places in St. Moritz and the surrounding area. The route is entirely adaptable to your wishes. However, the crown jewel of this tour is a delicious fondue in a small hut prepared especially for you by the top chefs of the Krone restaurant in St. Moritz.

Snowshoeing With A Private Guide

A private guided snowshoe tour through the magical forests of the Engadin. Followed by a delicious aperitif on a frozen lake in the winter wonderland atmosphere of the Swiss Alps. A private guided snowshoe tour through the magical forests of the Engadin. Followed by a delicious aperitif on a frozen lake in the winter wonderland atmosphere of the Swiss Alps.


Experience sheer bliss and tranquility in the extraordinary settings of the region's wellness hotels. Indulge in luxurious pampering at the Grand Hotel des Bains Kempinski St. Moritz with 2,800 sq. m of wellness grandeur; escape to the Kulm Spa's opulent pools and saunas; and bask in the relaxation of Palace Wellness at Badrutt's Palace Hotel, the proud winner of a World Spa Award in 2016. For a holistic spa journey, head to Kronenhof Spa in Pontresina and to Waldhaus Spa and Arenas Resort Schweizerhof, both in Sils.

Ski Touring

Crowned the "land of ski-touring," the exceptional topography of the Engadin Valley offers an unmatched venue for soaking in the glory of a winter wonderland. Each stride of your skis cutting through a sparkling blanket of virgin snow is awarded awe-inspiring vistas. Engadin's routes are synonymous with enjoyment and variety at dizzying 10,000-foot altitudes. Famed rookie-friendly tours include Piz Larev, Piz Surgonda, and Piz Dal Sas. Tempting the intermediate tourer for generations is the legendary Piz Palu, a highly celebrated 9-mile circuit vaunted for its difficulty and rousing descent.

Cross-Country Skiing

Offering every gradient of board-bound adventure, St. Moritz delivers 143 miles of picturesque cross-country. Unearth the storybook beauty of the Upper Engadin Valley with trails weaving past frozen lakes, dreamy valleys, and serene snow-covered woodlands. Home to the world-famous Engadin Skimarathon, running an impressive 26 miles from Maloja to S-champ, St. Moritz sets the international gold standard for a cross-country adventure.

Sleigh Rides

The magic of winter comes alive with a horse-drawn sleigh ride. Soak in spellbinding mountain vistas riding over frozen lakes and through otherworldly snow-blanketed glades of the Staz forest. Let the crisp Alpine air invigorate your senses, unearthing the majesty of the Engadin valley to the soothing sounds of snow crunching beneath horses' hooves. Take that romantic getaway to the next level, or share unforgettable moments with loved ones, with one of St. Moritz' most spellbinding experiences.


Discover the magnitude of your Alpine surroundings, navigating a boundless ocean of glistening freshly fallen snow. Slip on your snowshoes and soak in the sights and the stimulating sensations of an afternoon hike before a radiant winter sun. A rewarding and timeless activity, a snowshoe hike offers the ultimate conduit for soaking in enchanting paysages, disconnected from the ordinary and hooked into the extraordinary. Some of the Alp's most enchanting snowshoe trails belong to the stunning natural peripheries of the Engadin Valley.


From the rousing thrill of steep winding slopes or a pleasant descent, Saint Moritz offers plenty of trails for every type of sledding. From traditional tobogganing to tubing, this beloved winter activity is sure to rekindle a sense of childlike awe and wonder, invigorated by the crisp mountain air as picture-perfect Alpine scenes whizz past you. A tried and true method of introducing the little ones to the excitement of winter sports, Saint Moritz's most celebrated kids-friendly runs include the Languard run, Alp Griatschouls, and the Survih piste. Maloja delivers a legendary snow-tubing facilitated, but be warned, riding in these colorful rings is highly addictive.

Natural Ice Bobsleigh

Uncover a fascinating piece of winter sports history at the Olympia Bobrun. A legendary venue for high-speed winter competition, this hand-sculpted 5650-foot-long ice channel stands remains the world's most colossal ice sculpture. In operation since 1904, this legendary track is the oldest and only remaining ice track, continually used for luge, skeleton, or bobsleigh races. Offering a one-of-a-kind experience, the winter sports enthusiast will jump at the opportunity to make this epic descent, with the respective four-person bobsleigh reaching dizzying speeds of 83 miles an hour!

Winter Hike On Muottas Muragl

The best recipe for seizing the invigorating Alpine elements is a winter hike on the legendary Muottas Muragl trail. This circular trail, just over two miles long, offers a glorious cross-section of Engadin's awe-inspiring beauty. A delight for novice and intermediate hikes alike, soak in impressive peaks and fairytale scenery imbued with snowy silence. Savor precious moments with loved ones with some well-earned repose in the warmth of the Romantik Hotel Muottas Muragl, located near the funicular summit station, for spectacular sunset dining.


Far more than a Scandinavian obsession, the increasingly popular sport of Curling has taken Switzerland by storm. A fantastic activity for young and old, Curling is surprisingly exciting and demands excellent strategy and communication between team members. Learn the art of broom and stone in the world-class facilities of the St. Moritz Curling Club under the guidance of world-class instructors.

Snow Kiting

Kitesurfing with an Alpine twist, Snowkiting is among the most unique winter activities the Swiss Alps have to offer. Inspired by the vast expanse of Engadin Valley's idyllic frozen lakes, the athletes set sail wrangling gusts of wind with their kite for boarding across a vast natural arena of snow and ice. A must-experience activity for the adventurous, brush up on this novel sport at the Silvaplana Snowkite School for spectacular memories and a guaranteed conversation starter.


The new exciting way to keep The new winter craze for bikers is called “fat biking” and promises fun and action in the snow along with a feeling of control and safety – because the wide tires make riding and steering on the snow easily. Fatbikes are available for hire from outlets such as Engadin Bikes or Suvretta Sport in St. Moritz, or Bernina Sport in Pontresina. Join a ride with an expert guide or just set off solo: the virtually boundless expanses of the broad Engadin valley are a biker’s paradise at any time of year. And for an easier ride still, there are even fat bikes with battery support!


The St.Moritz Rifle Club promises an exciting afternoon of explosive fun. These modern shooting facilities deliver an impressive arsenal of weaponry, offering guests a unique opportunity to handle lethal firearms in a safe, educative, and controlled environment. Shoot the black powder in the ideal conditions under the watchful instruction and supervision of devoted professionals. Fine-tune your coordination and focus at the 984-foot range, or enjoy close-range target practice with your choice of pistol.

Black Ice Skating

After every long period of frost without snowfall, the lakes of the Upper Engadin are covered with black ice — transparent and mirror-smooth — a stunning natural phenomenon that begs to be experienced. Glide over the frozen, smooth surface of Lake St. Moritz on a pair of skates, or practice your pirouettes on the Chesa al Parc natural ice rink right next to Kulm Hotel. Don't miss the Madulain ice trail, the 'fastest hiking trail in the world' known as Skateline, a unique winter experience you won't find anywhere else. Follow the riverbank and be enchanted by the glistening winter landscapes!

Tennis & Squash

Setting the platinum standard of racket sport facilities, St. Moritz's Tennis and Squash Centre delivers all-season exhilaration and world-class courts. Fine weather or not, visiting the Centre is always a delight, with three bross-slide (artificial clay) indoor tennis courts placed before a gorgeous Alpine backdrop. Two indoor squash courts will keep guests in tip-top shape off the slopes, ideal for some friendly or not-so-friendly competition with loved ones. Fine-tune that backhand with professional Coaching and tailored instruction available at guest discretion.

Yoga On Snow

Experience skiing in an entirely different way at the world's first Yoga piste on Corviglia's Paradiso piste! With four fixed points on the mountainside, you can either practice Yoga on Snow on your own or with professional guidance. Slow down, take a breath, and connect with the mountain in a more conscious and calming rhythm. Whether you want to explore yoga independently or with the help of an expert, you'll be surrounded by nature and able to achieve greater relaxation, giving skiers a chance to sharpen their skiing awareness, refine their rhythm and uncover a deeper inner peace.

Ice Climbing At Corn Da Diavolezza

Engadine's breathtaking Corn da Diavolezza is an ice wall of 328 feet long with an incline between 70 and 100 degrees. It is a challenging climb that only the most experienced climbers can tackle, as it is an extreme sport for the bravest adventurers. From mid-December to the end of April (weather permitting), this stunning wall is open to all who are willing to take on the challenge. Every year, 25 European teams compete to be the fastest in conquering this remarkable Corn da Diavolezza.

Martial Arts

The ancient martial arts traditions of the Far East meet the snow-capped peaks of Switzerland. St. Moritz is lauded for fantastic judo, budo, and jiu-jitsu instruction and facilities at the Eisarena Ludains sports complex. With over 1000 sq. ft of tatami mats, these world-class facilities offer everything you need to bolster confidence and explore the exciting world of oriental self-defense.

Winter Fishing

Ice fishing on the frozen Lake Sils is a delightful experience, offering the perfect spot for enjoying a few hours of total relaxation in nature. Fish you want to catch, the lake trout, also known as the namaycush, favor the lake bed near the shore — no need to walk out onto 40-cm thick ice too far.


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St. Moritz lies at the forefront of exhilarating summer recreation and fantastic mountain escapades. Embraced by a stunning Alpine landscape, this mountain paradise provides a playground for adventure seekers and those looking for a rejuvenating escape.

MTB or E-biking tours

Turbocharge your mountain biking escapade and go even farther along St. Moritz's robust network of trails. E-bikes have revolutionized this most beloved summer activity, helping riders spare their energy to explore even more of Engadin's natural bounties. A veritable haven for mountain bikers, the region has an astounding 250 miles of spellbinding paths, satiating everyone from the novice to the professional.

Horseback Riding

Tap into the spirit of the Swiss highlands by the saddle and witness spellbinding vistas and otherworldly serenity accompanied by the mesmerizing syncopation of horse's hooves. The Engadin Valley is especially magical in the company of a noble steed as guests ride before glistening streams and lakes, enchanting forests, and verdant meadows. Discover a proud equine heritage with a robust horseback riding itinerary awaiting guests.

Trail Running

The simplest activities are often the most rewarding. Lose the equipment and enjoy running along some of the world's most picturesque trails. A range of paths between Maloja and S-champ, each more spectacular than the last, navigate from the Valley floor to soaring peaks above the timberline. The casual jogger will rejoice at the gorgeous Lej Alv trail wrapping around the serene waters of an Alpine lake, while the more ambitious runners may scale Piz Nair, whose herculean efforts will be awarded with epic Engadin Valley views.

High altitude training

St. Moritz's soaring peaks are a beacon for the world's leading professional athletes. Home to the Olympic team's "high altitude training base" at a whopping 6000-foot altitude, this sporting facility is the ultimate arena to jumpstart your sports performance. The well-documented benefits of altitude training give athletes an undeniable edge, whether they're preparing for that triathlon or are eying that half-marathon next season.


Known as the Alpine golf capital, St. Moritz boasts spectacular links that reward each put with awe-inspiring vistas over the Engadin mountainscape. The Engadine Samedan flaunts a prestigious history as one of Switzerland's oldest golfing institutions. Don't let the surroundings distract you too much, as old larch trees and idyllic streams garnish a stunning and challenging course. The additional courses of Engadine Zuoz-Madulain and Kulm Golf will offer enough action to retire those hiking boots for a pair of Softspikes.


An Angler's delight, Saint Moritz belongs to one of Europe's most naturally spectacular fishing regions. Embrace the otherworldly silence and silent majesty of the Engadin, savoring each moment out on the glassy Alpine waters. With abundant marine life and a pristine marine ecosystem, a tug on the line will be no rare occurrence at 460 of Graubunden's gorgeous bodies of water. A special outing awaits fly fishers at Lej Nair and Lej Pitschen.


Accessible, breezy, and thoroughly enjoyable, no water activity embraces the simple pleasures of overwater travel quite like paddleboarding. Within reach of nearly every fitness level and age category, this is an exceptional family activity that'll have you become an expert before the afternoon. A fantastic summer activity, skim atop the glassy surfaces of Engadin’s iconic lakes and soak in the majesty of your surroundings from an all-new perspective. Paddleboarding is a rarely rewarding activity sure to please all.


Kitesurfing offers a distinct fusion of sailing and surfing skills that harmonizes the surfer with the forces of nature. The stunning backdrop of Lake Silvaplana offers the ultimate venue for this elegant watersport. A dazzling show of kites against the ethereal mirror-like waters comes in the hundreds during the summer season, suspended by the reliable Maloja gust. Steady wind conditions, breathtaking scenery, and world-class facilities offer a magical afternoon activity, with the nearby Mulets Restaurant offering the ultimate repose after an exciting day on the water.

Rowing & Canoeing

Kayaking and canoeing is an idyllic way to navigate the splendor of the Engadin Valley's Alpine Lakes. Enjoy a thorough workout while embracing the rejuvenating effects of the high-altitude elements. Soak in the ethereal quiet of gorgeous water bodies before sublime water bodies, and feel humbled by the larger-than-life peaks surrounding you. Wrange a diversity of waterways with the foaming waters of the River Inn awaiting the intrepid adventurer for a guided rafting or kayak expedition.


Giarsun Gorge in the Lower Engadin offers the largest volume of water in the Alps and is one of the most exhilarating and technically demanding rafting sections. Surrounded by scenic views, it is the perfect adrenaline-fuelled activity for all ages. \


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St. Moritz Gourmet Festival

One of the region's most highly anticipated culinary celebrations, the St. Moritz Gourmet Festival offers plenty to tantalize the most discerning taste buds. Nine days of epicurean indulgence brings together over 220 of the world's premier culinary masters for a winter event unlike any other. Reinvigorate the senses and embark on an international gustatory journey in the depths of a Swiss Alpine Winter. At the forefront of global haute cuisine, the Gourmet Festival is the ideal counterpart to a fantastic ski getaway.

Winter Concours Hippique

The Valley's illustrious equestrian heritage comes to its most magical expression with a series of winter shows. Soak in the timeless elegance of equine sports at St. Moritz's annual show-jumping tournament in smack dab in the resort village center. This graceful display of skill and form in a storybook winter wonderland setting, this horse show will leave a lasting imprint amongst revelers.

Snow Polo World Cup

Experience the traditional British sport of Polo played along the frozen waters of St. Moritz for an athletic spectacle unlike any other. This equine ice tournament is one of the world's most unique annual events, held at the end of January each year since 1985. Stunning natural surroundings cradle a one-of-a-kind sporting event that must be experienced. The Snow Polo World Cup is imbued with prestige and international cachet, consolidating St. Moritz's status as a bastion of fine living. The competition is accompanied by a slew of elite social events spearheaded by the town's roster of first-class hotels.

Engadin Ski Marathon

An annual tradition since 1969, the beloved Engadin Skimarathon has become an indelible part of St. Moritz's robust skiing heritage. Revered internationally, this is the second-largest cross-country skiing event in the world, with thousands of partici

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