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Enlist Your Home With LVH

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Entrust your property to our capable and reliable hands. Your home will be managed professionally by our highly experienced team, and with our unique market position and extensive network of high-net-worth individuals, it will be presented to the right clientele.

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Expert Luxury Vacation Home Management

Expert Luxury Vacation Home Management

We have mastered the art of luxury home management through a sophisticated four-tiered home management system that encompasses pre-contract evaluation and inspection, onboarding, marketing opportunities, and booking management operations. This comprehensive approach ensures, among others, that homeowners receive a quarterly overview of all services provided.
Lvh Adds Value

LVH Adds Value

When you list your home with LVH, you are guaranteed the highest standards in home management, and diligent and strategic promotion of your home. By joining one of the most luxurious and respected vacation home management companies in the world, you can expect optimum, cost-effective benefits and innovative home management solutions that will work for you.
Marketing Programs

Marketing Programs

LVH’s Home Management Program features a comprehensive marketing plan designed to enhance visibility and generate income for each property. Utilizing a variety of channels such as magazines, social media, paid advertising, and others, we endeavor to promote your home effectively. However, only exclusive listings will receive a customized marketing strategy.
Merits Of Becoming Exclusive Lvh Partners

Merits of Becoming Exclusive LVH Partners

By exclusively listing your properties as LVH vacation homes, they become part of an unrivaled Exclusive Home Management Program in the ultra-luxury vacation home rental industry. A dedicated team of four that includes a main contact client relationship manager, an owner relationship manager, home experience manager, and a guest experience manager is assigned to your property to ensure everything is running smoothly.
Luxury Home Advisory Services

Luxury Home Advisory Services

LVH’s luxury home advisory services assist homeowners in managing their real estate portfolios by making informed decisions about their assets and maximizing profits. We keep updated on the latest market trends to help clients achieve their financial goals and help identify opportunities to further enrich their portfolios.
Mobile Application

Mobile Application

The LVH mobile app offers homeowners and their teams with maintenance notifications, reports, and access to detailed statements. By using LVH’s full service home management solutions, homeowners can have peace of mind knowing that their homes are not only protected and well maintained, but also improved.


Experts in the demanding fields of luxury home charters, service, and global luxury lifestyle and home management.


Confident in the quality of what we do and focused on the unique needs of an elite echelon of society.


Perceptive judges of conduct, tact and when to preserve appropriate silence preserving your privacy and safety.


Culturally discerning with refined elegant tastes that offers access to the world’s most rare elevated experiences.
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Domus is an invitation-only membership granted only to a few individuals who will meet the requirements of our rigorous selection process. It will require a significant investment, but upon admission will grant the member access to a comprehensive lifestyle program and exclusive premium services that include a dedicated team available to you around the clock. Reach out to our Client Relations Manager to begin the process.

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Are you interested in enlisting your home with us so that we can present it before our ultra-high-net-worth audience? Being a part of our exclusive network of homes will include professional management and marketing. Please contact our Owner Partner Relations Manager to explore the opportunity.