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Each LVH luxury vacation home in Corsica is carefully curated with unrivaled amenities and unparalleled service to exceed our guests' expectations. LVH is the only super home chartering and luxury lifestyle management membership created for the world’s elite that brings together a collective of trusted homeowners and guests who share a passion for refinement, elegance, and elevated human experiences. With public and private elite homes in Corsica, endless possibilities await the most discerning guests.

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Every detail of your stay has been meticulously considered; each luxury home has a dedicated on-site team, including a steward, housekeeping staff, and field manager.

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To further elevate your stay, we offer additional services that include an on-site chef, pre-arranged chartered flights and yachts, access to exclusive establishments and events, and tailored experience packages.



Experts in the demanding fields of luxury home charters, service, and global luxury lifestyle and home management.


Confident in the quality of what we do and focused on the unique needs of an elite echelon of society.


Perceptive judges of conduct, tact and when to preserve appropriate silence preserving your privacy and safety.


Culturally discerning with refined elegant tastes that offers access to the world’s most rare elevated experiences.

Discover Corsica

Known for its remarkable range of geographic diversity, wondrous Corsica presents the purest distillation of Mediterranean natural beauty. Dramatic coastlines match the resilience and pride of a distinct and fascinating heritage where the trinity of fine food, wine, and music is sacrosanct. Sublime landscapes abound, from verdant valleys to jagged mountain peaks, dense woodlands, and dramatic cliffside towns pushing the bounds of reality. Often described as a miniature continent, guests will find no shortage of adventure here. It offers a remarkable range of experiences–from watersports and gastronomic tours to exploring time-forgotten villages. With its distinct mix of Gallic and Italian influences, one will discover a new dimension to French culture, enraptured by the haunting melodies of Corsican polyphonies.

The dedicated LVH team ensures the ultimate in service and satisfaction are provided to all guests throughout their entire stay in the Corsica. LVH can arrange for private chefs, private jets, exotic cars, a Corsica luxury yacht charter and anything else guests require to make their Corsica vacation stay remarkable.

Luxury home rentals with full services and support can be arranged to accommodate groups of varying sizes, and are also ideal for lavish events. LVH offers an impressive list of specially curated properties that are some of the world’s most exquisite vacation estates. No matter what your chosen destination is, when you are seeking the best homes, you have the most elite selection from which to choose when booking your stay with LVH.

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This multifaceted island makes up distinct regions that would amply cater to the elite traveler. Select your luxury getaway between seaswept towns, idyllic alpine villages, and pinch-worthy natural wonders. The island's most culturally significant regions include the historic city of Ajaccio, the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte, and the charming town of Porto-Vecchio, known for its lively marina and chic boutiques. For hidden gems, venture to the scenic mountain town of Corte, which offers spectacular hiking trails and authentic Corsican cuisine. The prestigious region of Calvi is smattered with stately villas and high-end restaurants, while the ever-charming Bonifacio curates a unique coastal experience set amongst stunning white cliffs and an exclusive yacht club. Those seeking a tranquil countryside retreat should consider the scenic village of Sartène, drenched in history and wrapped in undulating vineyards and olive groves. Whether indulging in freshwater streams, lounging on a private beach, or enjoying panoramic views of Corsica's rugged landscapes, the island offers its guests the ultimate luxury travel experience. Set your sights on Corsica’s most exquisite corners in the following towns and villages: Ajaccio, Porto-Vecchio, Corte, Calvi, Bonifacio, Sartene, Zonza, and Saint-Florent.


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Picturesque beaches and rugged landscapes pair splendidly with the Mediterranean's most distinct culinary heritage. Corsica takes gastronomic indulgence to new heights with a dazzling roster of Michelin-starred fine dining catering to the most sophisticated palettes. Experience a harmonious fusion of French and Italian heritage with immaculate dishes procured from the Tyrrehnian's bountiful waters and the Island's alpine meadows. Delight in the Mediterranean's freshest seafood, locally sourced meats, and seasonal vegetables, and acquaint yourself with timeless epicurean pleasure. From daring modern cuisine to traditional classics, Corsica is a haven for the voracious appetite. Experience a creative twist on local classics at La Table de Cala Rossa or soak in the enchanting ambiance of La Table del la Ferme. Corsica's signature dishes, including the legendary charcuterie, wild boar stew, and the traditional Fiadone dessert, are a must-try. On the "Island of Beauty," majestic mountains and sea panoramas are plentiful, adding a magical dimension to your alfresco dining experience. Indulge in the Mediterranean's finest gastronomic experiences at the following acclaimed restaurants: L'A Cheda, La Verriere, La Table de la Ferme, A Casa di Mia, Casadelmar, La Signoria, U Santa Maria, La Table de la Plage, Le Pirate and La Table de Cala Rossa.


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A Mediterranean paradise claiming some of the world's most picturesque shores, Corsica is a prime beach destination catering to the well-traveled. The glamorous sands of Palombaggia and Santa Giulia are renowned for white sand, crystal-clear waters, and excellent water sports facilities, making them popular for swimming, kayaking, and paddleboarding. Another popular spot is Rondinara; between its iconic turquoise waters and majestic cliffside views it’s been lauded as one of Europe's finest beaches. For those seeking a more off-the-beaten-path experience, the secluded Plage de Saleccia awards a long hike or nautical expedition with a sublime stretch of white sands and calm waters. The beaches of Calvi and L'Ile-Rousse on the island's northwest coast are also famous among luxury travelers, with shores seamlessly nestled alongside picturesque seaside promenades and charming old towns. Whether seeking adventure or relaxation, Corsica's Mediterranean beaches offer a luxurious escape to a world of sun, sea, and sand. Find your sun-kissed bliss at the following top beaches: Saleccia Beach, Santa Giulia Beach, Palombaggia Beach, Rondinara Beach, Ostricioni Beach, Calvi Beach, and L'Ile-Rousse Beach.


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From the soaring peaks of Monte Cinto to the jagged limestone cliffs of Bonifacio, Corsica's rugged terrain is known to entice the intrepid adventurer. Brimming with unique recreation options, the island delivers a range of adrenaline-boosting activities, from deep-sea diving to wilderness hiking. Uncover the pristine beauty of the hinterlands and ignite your sense of adventure by traversing lush forests and uncovering jaw-dropping mountain valleys. Whether you opt for a solo trek or a guided private group tour, Corsica delivers landscapes that will earn the reverence of the most well-traveled. Lay down new paths with a thrilling 4X4 offroad jeep tour, attune yourself to the balmy tradewinds with a kitesurfing expedition, or conquer the vertical plane with a romantic hot air balloon ride. More than just a beach destination, Corsica delivers a wealth of exclusive experiences sure to satiate your hunger for adventure or natural immersion. Seize the elements with a jam-packed itinerary of unique made-in-Corsica luxury experiences: Partake in a private guided hike or jeep tour through the Corsican highlands, hit the waters with a sailing excursion, celebrate onboard a private yacht charter, raft Corsica's gorges and canyons for the ultimate adrenaline rush, soak in the views from a hot air balloon, go on a day trip to neighboring Sardinia and Elba, participate in a wine tasting tour, uncover Corsica's marine life with a scuba diving or snorkeling adventure, horseback ride the countryside with exclusive access to the finest private ranches.

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