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Each LVH luxury vacation home in Tuscany is carefully curated with unrivaled amenities and unparalleled service to exceed our guests' expectations. LVH is the only super home chartering and luxury lifestyle management membership created for the world’s elite that brings together a collective of trusted homeowners and guests who share a passion for refinement, elegance, and elevated human experiences. With public and private elite homes in Tuscany, endless possibilities await the most discerning guests.

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Every detail of your stay has been meticulously considered; each luxury home has a dedicated on-site team, including a steward, housekeeping staff, and field manager.

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To further elevate your stay, we offer additional services that include an on-site chef, pre-arranged chartered flights and yachts, access to exclusive establishments and events, and tailored experience packages.



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Discover Tuscany

Tuscany has it all – art, fine dining, wine, adventure, terrific after-dark venues – the reasons to visit this legendary region are left effectively endless.The countryside is simply gorgeous with rolling hills, small villages, lush vineyards, and aromatic olive groves feasts for the senses. Potent with diverse experiences that resuscitate the lost art of fine living, legendary Tuscany dazzles far and wide. You can have many adventures ranging from the extreme, like paragliding, to the more sedate, like hiking in the mountains. It also boasts remarkable natural thermal baths and hot springs, Bagno Vignoni, Bagni San Filippo, Petriolo, and Saturnia, to name a few, personifying the philosophy of well-being. Ensure you take full advantage of your trip soaking in civilization’s finest landmarks and ethereal landscapes with this handy guide. For those who like the water, the province has more than 250 miles of coast with a few dozen dive centers between Livorno and Argentario and in the archipelago and Elba, Argentario, and Gigli Islands. Scenic drives are in abundance along the coast or through the countryside! For a discerning traveler on holiday in Tuscany, it is essential to get behind a luxury or classic Italian sports car and hit the open road.

The dedicated LVH team ensures all guests receive the ultimate in service and satisfaction during their stays. LVH can arrange for private chefs, private jets, exotic cars, luxury yachts, and anything else you might require to make your vacation stay truly remarkable. Choose a one-on-one session with a certified yoga or pilates instructor, time with a private tennis pro to up your game, or complete pampering sessions with a massage therapist, hair stylist or barber, nail technician, and makeup artist.

Luxury home rentals, with full services and support, can be arranged to accommodate groups of varying sizes and are ideal for lavish events.A wide roster of specially curated properties makes up the lists of the world’s most exquisite vacation estates. No matter what your chosen destination, when you are seeking the best homes, you have the most elite selection from which to choose when booking your stay with LVH.

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There isn’t a place in Tuscany that is not lush, aromatic and lovely. Here are four areas visitors should definitely see:


Florence, or Firenze in Italian, is enchanting, charming and totally irresistible. Travelers who are looking to feast not only on gourmet Tuscan food, but also on world-class art, must include Florence on their itineraries. The town is no stranger to exclusive boutiques carrying A-lister fashion houses like Gucci and Salvatore Ferragamo. Thes best way to discover Florentine living firsthand is to put on those walking shoes and do some exploring.

Although small in size, Florence is a giant to be included on luxury travelers’ “must-see” lists. Better yet, setting down vacation roots in the stunning Villa Machiavelli would be ideal. This 15th century home – restored to its former magnificence – has all the modern conveniences, yet retains its charm from centuries ago. Luxury travelers will be in the midst of acres of lush vineyards and fragrant olive groves. With room for up to 20 guests, Villa Machiavelli offers both indoor and outdoor pools, an indoor Jacuzzi, private elevator, sauna, hammam, a library and a well-appointed gym. It also has a helipad for easy access. Add to this, wondrous views of the famed Duomo Square and the Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral.


This little port town serves up some of the best seafood anywhere in Tuscany, particularly the delicious Cacciucco – Tuscan seafood stew. “New Venice” is the nicest part of Livorno and has many stellar eateries to keep hungry travelers happy.

The prettiest part of the town lies between the sea and the New Fortress. New Venice is full of small picturesque canals built in the 17th century using Venetian methods of reclaiming land from the sea.


This scenic hilltop town in the Val D’Orcia, is well-known for its Brunello red wine. The town has an impressive history which a massive fortress can attest to. The actual approach to Montalcino is nothing short of breathtaking. Its medieval spires and grandiose fortress towers above the green valley. Its steep and narrow ancient streets and stone buildings are the ideal setting for some wine tasting and food shopping.

Montalcino is also known for its white dessert wine, Moscadello, not to mention its fine honey. Villa Biondi is situated on gently rolling hills only a few miles from fine restaurants and Montalcino. Five bedrooms can comfortably accommodate 10 guests. The heated outdoor pool is the ideal area to sip a glass of the full-bodied wine of the region. Curl up by the cozy wood-burning fireplace on a chilly night and read a favorite book by the fire’s glow.


Red wine aficionados will instantly recognize the name of this town for it’s synonymous with its red grapes that are turned into full-bodied wine. However, Montepulciano is also rustic and inviting with all its red brick and terracotta; tight, winding lanes making their ways to the town’s core where the Piazza Grande is brimming with marble masterpieces. If the ancient streets could speak, they would tell tales of the area’s Etruscan history.


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When luxury vacations want to leave the opulence of their luxury rental villas Tuscany has many amazing fine dining establishments. These five are among the gems of the most elite:


Although the cuisine at Caino is simple, it definitely does not rule out deliciousness and creativity. Michelin-starred Chef Valeria Piccini says she prepares each dish with emotion and it appears to be working since her cuisine is some of the most renowned in the country. The restaurant, which is in the quaint hilltop town of Montemerano, is small and intimate with only nine tables for 18 diners. On the menu are such dishes as roast veal tongue with blueberry-flavored onions, saffron, and capers; tortelli di cinta senese in brodetto di castagne e gallina (pasta filled with Sienese pork in a chicken and chestnut broth) and such hearty dishes as cinghiale lardolato con finocchi, arance e olive (larded wild boar with fennel, orange, and olives).

Enoteca Pinchiorri

This eatery represents luxury and haute cuisine at its finest. There are a number of dining rooms with different atmospheres, including a historic room which feels rather like being in a museum. The excellent menu is Tuscan, Italian and international fare. They are known for their outstanding wine list and pairings. Try the fillet of steamed redfish fried with ristretto of cacciucco, mustard chard and tomato oil or Mora Romagnola piglet on a spit, sweet and sour garlic puree, crispy Mugello potato mille feuille and spring onions. As an end to the meal, diners might want to choose the bread and figs: light fig mousse, frozen lemon yogurt petals, toasted bread sheets and figs marinated in grappa or the meringue stuffed with candied plums, with prickly pear sorbet, caramelized milk foam and tomato jelly.

Il Falconiere

Diners wishing to experience not only incredible food, but a wonderful ambiance in a 300-year-old villa, will want to head to Il Falconiere. Cuisine is prepared by Chef Silvia Regi Baracchi with fresh products drizzled with olive oil pressed from the estate’s olive trees. The eatery also prides itself on being a sustainable business and environmentally friendly. Food waste is shared with the estate’s chickens. The tasting menu features beef from the valley with names taken from local bulls such as Fanfullo, beef tartare seasoned with Tuscan spices, savory avocado cream, fennel and Etruscan dressing; Drago 77, tortellini with ossobuco filling, salted butter and aromatic herbs with tiny beans from Trasimeno Lake; or Bando, Rosatenero Beef tenderloin with marsala, roasted onion and mushrooms.

Il Piccolo Principe 2 Stelle Michelin @ GH Principe di Piemonte

The mesmerizing sea view here melds well with the magic of the Michelin-starred cuisine. Lovers of refined cuisine will enjoy exclusive, creative recipes fashioned by Chef Giuseppe Mancino. Start with the red mullet, fennel cream, vegetable panzanella and cacciucco sauce. Diners will feel the hand of the south in the squid of Gragnano with seafood, squid and asparagus tips; pasta pulled to perfection and balanced filling of green ravioli stuffed with cod, sea snails, seaweed and yellow tomato. For meat dishes Garfagnana lamb with cicoria, peppers and coffee, is a favorite. Finally, get lost in the variation of the tarte au citron, with almond sablé, lemon cream, mint meringue and basil ice cream.

Virtuoso Gourmet

Also a Michelin-starred restaurant, Virtuoso, led by Chef Antonello Sardi, offers gourmet cuisine that reinterprets traditional Tuscan dishes. Each dish is the result of in-depth research and consists of selected ingredients, with raw materials coming directly from the estate's organic vegetable garden or locally-sourced produce. Located inside the Le Tre Virtu Estate, the restaurant is also the bearer of a Michelin green star for sustainable gastronomy. Among the unique offerings are homemade fresh pasta with red mullet, Cinta Senese bacon and fennel; heart sweetbreads, endive and gin tonic; or venison carre, spring onion, shallot, juniper and vegan mayo with almonds.


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These three venues look interesting for those who would like to soak up some culture:

The Accademia Florence

This is the gallery that houses the most famous sculpture in the world – Michelangelo’s David in all its astonishing glory. In addition, it has a monumental collection of pictorial masterpieces, sculptures and musical instruments not to be missed by any traveler with a love of the arts, music, and history.

Santa Maria della Scala

This museum complex in Siena was once one of the oldest and largest hospitals in all Europe. Now it’s an important museum hosting a great variety of collections ranging from ancient to modern times. In its huge extension there are varied historical and artistic treasures, which can be read as a summary of the city and its history covering a span of about 1,000 years. The main and most precious attraction is the Pellegrinaggio, the Pilgrim’s room, the most important and original fresco cycle of the Sienese school, painted by various artists between 1440-1444.

Uffizi Gallery

The Palace of Uffizi, built by Giorgio Vasari at the end of the 16th century, is home to the Uffizi Gallery, one of the most famous museums in the world. The Uffizi Gallery displays paintings on wood and canvas, antique statues, and masterpieces of art of all times. Visitors can see works by Giotto, Michelangelo, Piero della Francesca, Raffaello, Botticelli and many others. The gallery has an invaluable collection of ancient statues and busts from the Medici family, which adorn the corridors and consist of ancient Roman copies of lost Greek sculptures.


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The three venues mentioned here are ideal for post sunset entertainment:

Almarosa Art Music and Bar

The place to see and to be seen after a day of sightseeing and lying in the Tuscan sun, is Almarosa. During the high season, expect to see Italian soccer players, politicians and celebrities. It really becomes a hot place later in the evening. The cocktails are delicious and the bites are as good as can be found in any fine dining establishment. The service is friendly and attentive. Almarosa is an ideal place to meet locals.

La Capannina di Franceschi

La Capannina di Franceschi is a dance club, restaurant and piano bar all rolled into one. It’s a favorite meeting place for intellectuals and prominent personalities, making it one of the most prestigious venues in Tuscany during the summer. Visitors who are into disco music and live shows, definitely want to get in here to groove the mixes by some of the most famous DJs in the world. La Capannina di Franceschi prides itself on being in the spotlight as the center of trends in music, fashion, and lifestyle.

La Terrazza Rooftop Bar

The magnificent La Terrazza in Florence, is a cocktail bar on the top floor of the medieval Consorti tower in the fashionable Hotel Continentale. This is the ultimate place to meet for cocktails surrounded by stunning views of the Arno, Brunelleschi’s Dome, San Miniato, Palazzo Vecchio, and Forte Belvedere. Not only is the view exquisite, the cocktails are known for being amazing as well. The cocktail menu features such drinks as Tommy’s Romerita, a blend of tequila reposado, lime, homemade rosemary syrup, and mezcal perfume and Southern Side: liquore Strega, lemon juice, citrusy bitter, and ginger beer.


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For travelers who like to partake of local events to get a sense of the cultural scene, here are three in Tuscany sure to entertain:

Cortona on the Move

Travelers who are into contemporary photography must take in Cortona on the Move. The festival offers continuous interaction between industry experts fostering a constant search for works documenting the ongoing evolution of visual language – all of this in the exceptional setting of the Etruscan town of Cortona. During the festival, the town is transformed into a stage that welcomes experts in the field and a wide range of visitors with images and exhibitions narrating contemporary life.

Lucca Summer Festival

The Lucca Summer Festival is a highly anticipated musical event taking place all July in Lucca’s Piazza Napoleone. Lucca is one of Tuscany's most beloved artistic cities, an unskippable part of any tour of the region. Since the late 90s, many singers and bands have performed on the stage here including Bob Dylan, James Brown, Ray Charles, Elton John, the Rolling Stones, and Ennio Morricone.


Mercantia is one of the most beautiful street art festivals in Italy. Taking place in the evening, visitors make their ways up the hill since this fest is in the high part of the village close to Piazza Boccaccio. All kinds of different shows are going on and at the same time, magical creatures wander along the streets inviting people into a world of dreams. Balloons and soap bubbles fill the air. At the top of the street, there are all kinds of arts stands filled with lovely homemade items like colorful lamps, masks, hats, books and the like.


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Activities and experiences in Tuscany can be as unique and customized as guests would like them to be. Here are four interesting choices:

The Historical City Center of Siena

Siena takes travelers back in time to medieval days of chivalrous knights and ladies in waiting. Visitors will feel like they’ve gone back to the 13th century. The center of the city is recognized by UNESCO as an important cultural heritage area. It is actually one of the most visited areas by tourists with more than 163,000 international visitors each year. It is also famous for its museums, arts, cuisine, and cityscape. A visit to Siena will make it clear that during the Middle Ages this area had a great impact on art, architecture, and town planning.

The Tower of Pisa

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is one of the most remarkable architectural structures from medieval Europe. Pisa is one of the most visited European cities because of the tower which is one of four buildings making up the cathedral complex called Campo dei Miracoli or Piazza dei Miracoli, which means Field of Miracles. Construction of the Tower of Pisa began in August 1173 and continued for about 200 years due to the onset of a series of wars. The tower is also slightly curved from the attempts by various architects to keep it from leaning more or falling over. Many ideas have been suggested to straighten the tower, including taking it apart stone by stone and rebuilding it at a different location. In the 1920s the foundations of the tower were injected with cement grouting stabilizing it to some extent.

Truffle Hunting Tour

Get connected with the Truffle Hunter and his trusty canine companion to a truffle hunting tour. Guests will be shown how to uncover these delicacies in the woods, how to cook them and enjoy them. Tuscany is one of the most important regions in Italy for truffle production. It is advisable to use truffles fresh and fully ripe. Each variety of truffle has its own particular aroma, and which is suitable for specific culinary uses.

Wine Tasting in Chianti

Chianti is one of the most scenic areas in Tuscany and makes for a lovely driving tour with stops at various wineries. A private guide will accompany guests on a drive through the rolling hills overflowing with vineyards, olive groves, old stone farmhouses and medieval hamlets. Snap some memorable shots in the heart of the Antinori vineyards, visit Greve and sit awhile in the picturesque 16th century square surrounded by quaint traditional shops. Visit an underground wine cellar to sample the best vintages alongside a variety of hams, salamis and cheeses. A wonderful way to spend the day!

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