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Each LVH luxury vacation home in Barbados is carefully curated with unrivaled amenities and unparalleled service to exceed our guests' expectations. LVH is the only super home chartering and luxury lifestyle management membership created for the world’s elite that brings together a collective of trusted homeowners and guests who share a passion for refinement, elegance, and elevated human experiences. With public and private elite homes in Barbados, endless possibilities await the most discerning guests.

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Every detail of your stay has been meticulously considered; each luxury home has a dedicated on-site team, including a steward, housekeeping staff, and field manager.

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To further elevate your stay, we offer additional services that include an on-site chef, pre-arranged chartered flights and yachts, access to exclusive establishments and events, and tailored experience packages.



Experts in the demanding fields of luxury home charters, service, and global luxury lifestyle and home management.


Confident in the quality of what we do and focused on the unique needs of an elite echelon of society.


Perceptive judges of conduct, tact and when to preserve appropriate silence preserving your privacy and safety.


Culturally discerning with refined elegant tastes that offers access to the world’s most rare elevated experiences.

Discover Barbados

Barbados is a gorgeous island immersed in the brilliant turquoise seas of the Lesser Antilles. Fine powdery beaches, crystalline waters, otherworldly bays, and vibrant coral life have made this luxury destination conducive to the most restful getaways. Calm coastlines and a distinctly laid-back vibe are matched by the island's gently rolling hills and serene topography. A strategic gateway to South America, this idyllic island nation is speckled with intriguing colonial architecture, with its historic Bridgetown earning a UNESCO world heritage site distinction. Stunning plantation estates straddle ethereal white sand beaches, reveling in the imperial elegance of a bygone era. An oasis of unbridled hedonism, indulge in some of the world's freshest and most exotic seafood, best paired with a frosty rum cocktail. Replete with English quirks and eccentricities from the avid tea and cricket culture, there is truly no destination quite like Barbados.

The dedicated LVH team ensures the ultimate in service and satisfaction are provided to all guests throughout their entire stay on Nantucket. LVH can arrange for private chefs, private jets, exotic cars, and anything else guests require to make their Marrakesh vacation stay remarkable.

Luxury home rentals, with full services and support, can be arranged to accommodate groups of varying sizes and are ideal for lavish events. A wide roster of specially curated properties makes up the lists of the world’s most exquisite vacation estates. No matter your chosen destination, when you are seeking the best homes, you have the most elite selection from which to choose when booking your stay with LVH.

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An incomparable luxury enclave awaits alongside the glittering white sands of Barbados' western shoreline. Regal plantation estates straddle the shores, nestled between lush jungle foliage and the vast Caribbean expanse. St. James is imbued with an opulent atmosphere bolstered by renowned gated communities like Sandy Lane and Royal Westmoreland. Upscale country club prestige meets a tropical oasis with superb luxury amenities from world-class golf courses, high-end dining, classy beach clubs, and blissful spas. Perfecting tropical luxury living to a tee, St. James is an unmatched bastion of fine taste and opulence.


Bathsheba is a hidden gem bursting with off-the-beaten-path charm. Secluded and imbued with an otherworldly calm, Bathsheba's rugged beauty enchants far and wide, encapsulating castaway opulence. The untouched coastline, picturesque rock formations, and natural pools curate a serene ambiance evoking tranquility and exclusivity. Nearby amenities cater to the most discerning tastes, whether you're seeking a spa retreat, fine dining, or deluxe accommodations.


Nestled on the northwestern coast, this historic town exudes a timeless elegance capturing the laidback quintessence of Bajan luxury living. Navigate charming cobblestone streets with boutique shops, art galleries, and upscale dining establishments, and soak in an intoxicating island ambiance. Speightstown's serene beaches offer a sense of seclusion, while its proximity to cultural landmarks and attractions adds to its allure. With a blend of history, refined amenities, and a relaxed atmosphere, Speightstown delivers a memorable small-town experience.


Holetown is a vibrant coastal community belonging to the prestigious St. James Parish. Historic colonial intrigue meets the pinnacle of contemporary comforts and amenities with picturesque streets, high-end boutiques, gourmet restaurants, and stylish bars aplenty. Holetown's pristine beaches provide a serene setting for relaxation, while nearby championship golf courses and water sports activities cater to active pursuits.


Soak in the glory of the Bahan heartland at Apes Hill. Panoramic countryside vistas wrap around this prestigious hilltop community comprising lush landscapes and gorgeous pastoral estates. The nearby championship golf course joins a slew of bespoke services and luxury amenities, exuding a serene charm and sanctuary away from the coastal hustle and bustle. Apes Hill is the perfect destination for those seeking a luxurious countryside escape with world-class facilities.


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The Sandy Lane Beach Club is a beacon of coastal glamor claiming St. James' most picturesque stretch of sands. Embodying sophistication and relaxation, esteemed members are privy to a dazzling selection of private cabanas and sumptuous sun loungers offering the ultimate luxury for individuals, couples, and families alike. Unique club features include state-of-the-art amenities from the fitness center to the soothing spa. Take a dip in the infinity pool, snatch a cool drink from the full-service bar, and indulge in a tempting menu highlighting the finest seafood in the region. Unwind in total style with attentive staff at your beck and call. Whatever your fancy, from a peaceful day of lounging in the sun to an exciting day of watersports, Sandy Lane Beach Club has everything you need to create unforgettable memories during your stay in Barbados.


Nikki Beach resounds with a vibrance and glamor that has made the international franchise the foremost leader of beach opulence. An ambiance of nonchalant elegance and luxury dominates these sands, with live music, vibrant poolside lounging, and a robust lineup of special events catering to elite sunseekers. Beachside relaxation meets a lively party atmosphere where refreshing cocktails and gourmet cuisine keep guests fueled long into the evening hours. Experience the electrifying ambiance of Nikki Beach Barbados, setting itself apart as the premier destination for those seeking an unforgettable beach club experience.


Nestled on the Platinum West Coast of Barbados, The Crane Beach Club delivers crystal-clear waters, soft white sand, and stunning panoramic views. The ambiance here is undoubtedly luxurious and serene, creating an enchanting atmosphere for guests to unwind and relax. A romantic Caribbean decor enhances the breezy allure of this magical stretch of coastline set on a stunning cliff-top location. An impressive infinity pool, a world-class restaurant and bar, and private access to one of the best beaches in Barbados comprise an unmatched beach day.


Barbados' renowned Port Ferdinand Yacht and Beach Club embodies the pinnacle of West Indies luxury living. Long stretches of pristine white sands meet ethereal turquoise waters comprising a serene and tranquil ambiance. Robust beach club amenities convene around an exclusive marina accommodating super yachts up to 82 feet in length. The beach club also boasts an impressive selection of amenities, including a state-of-the-art fitness center, a spa offering luxurious treatments, and gourmet restaurants and bars. Whether you're looking to relax and soak up the sun or indulge in the finest food and drink offerings, Port Ferdinand Yacht and Beach Club dazzles the most discerning luxury traveler.


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For those seeking the ultimate indulgent dining experience in Barbados, The Cliff restaurant is a must-visit. This exclusive waterfront restaurant is universally lauded for its extraordinary setting, impeccable service, and exceptional culinary offerings. Fresh local ingredients curate exuberant globetrotting flavors melding local tradition with cosmopolitan scope. A chic, warm ambiance suits romantic evenings or lavish celebrations. Menu standouts include truffle mashed potatoes, the lobster burger, and the delectable sesame-crusted tuna. Exceptionally prepared with an exceptional commitment to detail, The Cilff delivers uncanny yet harmonious flavor combinations set to enrapture the most discerning palettes.


Haute Couture glamor meets tropical exoticism in chic interiors perfectly conceived for celebrations and intimate evenings with loved ones. Voracious appetites are spoiled with choice with a globetrotting menu reconciling Mediterranean, Asian, and Caribbean flavors. Highlights include the grilled catch of the day, macadamia-crusted shrimp, and the signature seafood tower. Whether you are looking for a special night out or seeking the sensory pleasure of breathtaking views alongside an exquisite meal, The Tides is the ideal choice.


Barbados' Lonestar presents a standout culinary experience. Set in an elegant, sophisticated beachfront location, the restaurant exudes a luxurious atmosphere perfect for a memorable night out. Its understated yet stylish decor creates a cozy and inviting environment, while the impeccable service is second-to-none. Lonestar's signature dishes make it unique, with the menu featuring a range of fresh seafood and steak options prepared to perfection. The Lobster and King Prawn salad is a must-try for the well-traveled gourmand.


An icon of Barbados' south coast, Champers is synonymous with elegance and sophistication. Showcasing a unique blend of Caribbean and Mediterranean cuisine, Champers specializes in bold fusion flavors that are always adventurous and tantalizing. An all-star team of renowned chefs keeps diners at the edge of their seats with unique favorites not limited to the Champers-style lobster thermidor and seared tuna. Enhance an exquisite evening of epicurean delights with live jazz each Wednesday and Sunday evening.


Nishi is at the forefront of innovation with an inventive cuisine that transports the exotic flavors of the Far East to the heart of the Caribbean. Sea-to-table ingredients meet a temporal fusion of traditional and cutting-edge Japanese cuisine, creating a dynamic menu that is as exciting as it is sophisticated. Tropical exuberance adds an unforgettable wow factor, with Caribbean gusto seamlessly entering the mix. House favorites include the seared red snapper with coconut curry and black rice and the tempura shrimp with spicy mayo. Classic options abound, making Nishi the ultimate pitstop for sushi, sashimi, tempura, and other mouth-watering delights.


A seafood lover's paradise, The Fish Pot is a legendary mainstay of Barbados' fine dining scene. Located in a gorgeous coral stone beach house, this restaurant delivers an indelible rustic charm that pairs elegantly with a dynamic fish-based menu. Savor locally sourced delicacies from the grill, such as flying fish with banana chips, Bajan fishcakes, grilled swordfish, and lobster linguine. A cordial and convivial staff offers wine and spirit pairings that ensure a dining experience a cut above the rest. The Fish Pot's eco-friendly sensibilities and responsible practices set the standard as the truest reflection of Barbados' beauty and rich culinary heritage.


Dive deep into a stimulating fusion cuisine harmoniously melding the freshest Caribbean ingredients with the flavors of the Far East. A mix of Japanese, Thai, and other Asian cuisines sets its unique menu apart, one that ensures an unforgettable island dining experience. One of the signature dishes that guests should not miss is the twin crab cakes, which come with a zesty mango salsa that perfectly complements the rich flavors of the fresh crab meat. With excellent service, stunning minimalist interiors, innovative cocktails, and a superb menu, Zen brings Bajan fine dining to impressive heights.


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Step into the Red Door Lounge, where Barbados' nightlife truly shines. This gem of a spot sits in the heart of Second Street, St James, drawing in locals and celebrities with its irresistible charm and exquisite cocktail offer. In an elegant and inviting environment, live bands and DJs create an electric atmosphere all through the night. Since its opening in 2014, Red Door Lounge has been a beacon of excellence in the entertainment industry, raising the bar and inspiring other hotspots to follow suit. Whether you're in the mood for a wild night or a more laid-back affair, this is the venue.


Perched on the upper terrace, overlooking the breathtaking expanse of the ocean, lies The Cliff's exquisite indoor-outdoor lounge bar. Revered as one of the finest spots on the west coast of the island for sipping on cocktails or savoring a glass of wine, this enchanted hideaway is the epitome of laid-back luxury. As the sun begins to set, the lounge comes to life, offering guests the perfect respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Bask in the enchanting ambiance of The Cliff while indulging in specially crafted, designer cocktails, all the while soaking up the soothing sounds of live music that echoes from 9:30 p.m. on weekends. Be it a pre-dinner drink or a post-dinner soirée, this is the ultimate spot to unwind, relax and revel in the captivating beauty of the ocean. For those seeking a more intimate setting, the end of the terrace can be reserved for private gatherings, adding an extra touch of exclusivity to this already enchanting experience.


The most unforgettable dishes often come from the most unlikely of places. Such is the case with local favorite Oistin's Fish Fry, delivering the authentic Bajan fare. Its impressive menu boasts a wide variety of signature dishes, including mouth-watering Bajan seafood platters, flying fish, and fish cakes. Oistins Fish Fry is not just a restaurant but a cultural experience you won't want to miss. With its bustling atmosphere, local live music, and signature drinks, visiting Oistins sets the scene for cherished dining moments with friends or loved ones.


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Conquer Barbados' glassy turquoise waters with an adrenaline-pumping jet-skiing excursion. Rev up your watercraft and zip across the waves feeling the rejuvenating saline breeze in your wind-strewn hair. Experience the thrill of high-speed recreation and the sense of freedom only a jet ski can provide with plenty of designated waters ensuring maximum amusement and safety. Explore the beautiful coastline of Barbados, passing by palm-fringed beaches, rocky cliffs, and tranquil bays.


Consistent tradewinds, balmy waters, and tepid waters make up idyllic conditions for kiteboarding. Attune yourself to the breezy tropical elements under the guidance of a dedicated team of instructors and experience all this exhilarating sport has to offer. Soak in the blissful sensation of weightlessness and freedom, suspended between the sky and sea. Soar majestically above the waves, seize the smell of ozone, and experience the ultimate thrill of kiteboarding.


Barbados enjoys a robust surf culture, with idyllic water conditions enticing surfers from all four corners of the globe. Whether you're a pro or dipping your toes into the sport, Barbados is an ideal spot to start or continue a surfing love affair. Discover the joys of wrangling the waves with experienced instructors and guided surf tours taking you to some of the Caribbean's best breaks. \


Embark on a hiking escapade across a robust network of trails and let a dazzling cross-section of Barbados' natural beauty wash over you. Hike through lush landscapes encountering tropical rainforests, hidden waterfalls, and unforgettable panoramic vistas. These trails wind through scenic coastal cliffs and enchanting gullies, providing a serene escape from the bustle of the everyday.


Welcome to a putters paradise selecting from a range of world-class golf courses set against breathtaking backdrops of turquoise waters and lush landscapes. Impeccably manicured fairways, challenging holes, and state-of-the-art facilities hit all the right notes for an unforgettable round of golf. Luxury resorts provide top-notch amenities between elegant clubhouses, professional instruction, and personalized service. Whether teeing off with sweeping ocean views or navigating through verdant greens, golfing in Barbados promises a harmonious blend of relaxation and refinement, ensuring an unparalleled sense of tropical luxury accompanies every swing.


Dive into Barbados' Imperial British heritage with a game of Polo. Amidst the island's tropical beauty, exclusive clubs and estates retain a proud gentlemanly tradition. Attend thrilling polo matches, where skilled players showcase chivalry and horsemanship in an exhilarating fast-paced setting. Revel in an ambiance of prestige from the comforts of elegant VIP lounges, and enjoy the finest amenities with gusto. Polo lessons and interactions with professional players offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore the intricacies and nuances of this elite equestrian sport.


Unabashed pleasure and a full spectrum bodily bliss await guests in sublime tropical surroundings. Rejuvenate and replenish between the island's impressive range of deluxe spas and wellness retreats. Pamper yourself with various opulent treatments, from soothing massages to revitalizing facials, all performed by skilled therapists. Immerse in holistic wellness programs encompassing yoga classes, meditation sessions, and personalized consultations. With a focus on bespoke experiences and tailored wellness journeys, Barbados delivers the pinnacle of luxury spa experiences.


Drift gracefully into a Caribbean sky, and enjoy the serenity of the skies amongst neighboring clouds. Peer over the edge as glorious landscapes unfurl before you with rolling hills, sugarcane fields, and romantic countryside panoramas. The allure of a Barbadian hot air balloon ride is truly singular and best enjoyed in the early dawn or late dusk hours. Leave the bustle of the world behind and experience a new dimension of airborne adventure.


Step onboard and take your luxury vacation to vertiginous heights. Embark on a luxurious helicopter tour and soar above Barbados to witness breathtaking aerial views of the island's stunning landscapes. Marvel at the turquoise waters, white sandy beaches, lush forests, and iconic landmarks from a privileged vantage point. Helicopter tours accommodate personalized itineraries, ensuring you witness the iconic landmarks and hidden gems that captivate your imagination.

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