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Each LVH luxury vacation home in Austin is carefully curated with unrivaled amenities and unparalleled service to exceed our guests' expectations. LVH is the only super home chartering and luxury lifestyle management membership created for the world’s elite that brings together a collective of trusted homeowners and guests who share a passion for refinement, elegance, and elevated human experiences. With public and private elite homes in Austin, endless possibilities await the most discerning guests.


Every detail of your stay has been meticulously considered; each luxury home has a dedicated on-site team, including a steward, housekeeping staff, and field manager.

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Additional Services

To further elevate your stay, we offer additional services that include an on-site chef, pre-arranged chartered flights and yachts, access to exclusive establishments and events, and tailored experience packages.



Experts in the demanding fields of luxury home charters, service, and global luxury lifestyle and home management.


Confident in the quality of what we do and focused on the unique needs of an elite echelon of society.


Perceptive judges of conduct, tact and when to preserve appropriate silence preserving your privacy and safety.


Culturally discerning with refined elegant tastes that offers access to the world’s most rare elevated experiences.

Discover Austin

Austin is a capital unlike any other, a chic bohemian enclave in the heart of the Lone Star state. Eclectic and exciting, Austin is sophisticated with a Texan flair, attracting the likes of Matthew McConaughey, Sandra Bullock, and Lance Armstrong. Austin's rising popularity has invigorated this college town with the country's brightest minds, bringing a dynamic cosmopolitan energy. Today, Austin brims with youthful exuberance - from its world-class culinary scene and music venues to its vast green spaces that offer an oasis for outdoor recreation. At the heart of Central Texas' burgeoning viticulture scene, visitors will find no shortage of fine local wines paired with tantalizing southwestern-infused cuisine. Lauded for its superior quality of life and topping the greenest cities list, America's best-kept secret is no longer. Austin's music echoes throughout the city, earning the title "Live Music Capital of the World." Its numerous venues across the city - from cozy dive bars to historic music halls like Stubbs BBQ and the Continental Club - provide a platform for established and up-and-coming artists, keeping the city's music scene alive and vibrant all year round.

The dedicated LVH team ensures all guests receive the ultimate in service and satisfaction during their stays. LVH can arrange for private chefs, private jets, exotic cars, luxury yachts, and anything else you might require to make your vacation stay truly remarkable. Choose a one-on-one session with a certified yoga or pilates instructor, time with a private tennis pro to up your game, or complete pampering sessions with a massage therapist, hair stylist or barber, nail technician, and makeup artist.

Luxury home rentals with full services and support can be arranged to accommodate groups of varying sizes and are also ideal for lavish events. LVH offers an impressive list of specially curated properties that are some of the world’s most exquisite vacation estates. No matter what your chosen destination is, when you are seeking the best homes, you have the most elite selection from which to choose when booking your stay with LVH.

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The southernmost state capital in the United States, Austin, is vibrant with diverse neighborhoods. Positioned at the crossroads of the Texas Hill Country and East Texas prairies, the city is surrounded by lush greenery, lakes, streams, and state parks. These neighborhoods embody Austin's allure, presenting various choices for upscale living, each showcasing the city's rich culture and history. Below, discover some of Austin's captivating and exclusive areas:


Tarrytown is the epitome of elegance with its opulent homes and verdant parks. This affluent neighborhood is known for its historic homes, picturesque landscapes, and close proximity to downtown Austin. It exudes an air of tranquility that belies its central location.

Westlake Hills

Nestled in the heart of Texas Hill Country, Westlake Hills offers breathtaking views, superior schools, and upscale living. This area is characterized by its luxury estates, wooded surroundings, and a sense of seclusion within the city limits.

Barton Creek

Barton Creek is an upscale, tree-lined community located in the scenic Texas Hill Country. With its sprawling estates, world-class golf courses, and access to the Barton Creek Greenbelt, known for its hiking and biking trails, it is one of the city’s most desirable neighborhoods.

Hyde Park

Known as Austin's first suburb, Hyde Park exudes a historical charm mixed with modern sophistication. The area is filled with beautifully restored Victorian homes, tree-lined streets, and a vibrant community culture.

Downtown Austin

Downtown Austin, the heart of the city, stands proud with its high-rise residential buildings, exceptional local restaurants, bustling bars, and historic theaters. It is home to well-known entertainment districts such as 6th Street, Rainey Street, Seaholm District, and Warehouse District.

Travis Heights

Located just south of downtown, this neighborhood is famed for its eclectic mix of historic and contemporary homes. With the vibrant South Congress Avenue at its doorstep, Travis Heights offers a unique blend of urban convenience and suburban calm.


This historic district just west of downtown is filled with quaint bungalows and boutiques. Clarksville's quiet, tree-shaded streets, combined with its close proximity to Austin's bustling center, make it a desirable place.

Austonian, Four Seasons Residences

For those seeking luxury and exclusivity, neighborhoods such as the Austonian, Four Seasons Residences, as well as Barton Creek are home to many of Austin's elite. These areas offer high-rise condos, homes on the shores of Lake Austin and Mount Bonnell, and a wealthy subdivision.

Pemberton Heights

This exclusive neighborhood is characterized by its charming historic homes and lush greenery. It offers a peaceful residential atmosphere with easy access to downtown, the University of Texas campus, and nearby parks.

The Domain

While not a traditional residential neighborhood, The Domain is a high-end shopping and entertainment district that has expanded to include luxury apartments, condos, and townhomes. It is known for its modern amenities, upscale retailers, and vibrant nightlife.

Rob Roy

Situated in the Westlake area, Rob Roy is a gated community with expansive properties and panoramic views of the Hill Country. It offers a mix of traditional and contemporary architecture, along with a sense of seclusion and exclusivity.

Davenport Ranch

This upscale neighborhood is located in the Westlake area and features luxurious homes, many with views of the surrounding hills and Lake Austin. It offers a blend of privacy and convenience, with proximity to downtown and outdoor activities.


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When it comes to fine dining in Austin, you are spoiled with choices with a range of incredible culinary experiences at several of the city's renowned restaurants. Although Austin has yet to boast any Michelin-starred restaurants, it offers some of the finest restaurants for exceptional fine dining experiences. With creative and high-quality cuisine, these eateries have garnered recognition and acclaim for their dedication to culinary excellence and innovation.


This esteemed Japanese eatery offers a modern interpretation of classic sushi and sashimi dishes. Uchi is distinguished by its inventive menu that is deeply rooted in the use of fresh, seasonal ingredients, resulting in a creative fusion of flavors.

Franklin Barbecue

Although it does not fit the conventional definition of a fine dining venue, Franklin Barbecue deserves recognition for its superior Texas-style barbecue. The establishment is famous for its impeccably smoked brisket and other delectable meats, often causing patrons to queue for hours.


This restaurant offers an elegant dining experience with a contemporary spin on Southern cuisine. Olamaie emphasizes farm-fresh ingredients and derives inspiration from age-old Southern recipes, delivering an exquisite culinary journey.


This traditional steakhouse and seafood restaurant radiates sophistication and elegance. Renowned for its premium cuts of meat, extensive wine selection, and luxurious atmosphere, Jeffrey's promises an elevated dining experience.

Emmer & Rye

Known for its farm-to-table approach, Emmer & Rye places emphasis on locally sourced, seasonal ingredients. The restaurant is celebrated for its unique dim sum-style service, allowing diners to choose from an ever-changing selection of small plates.


Offering a distinctive dining experience, Lenoir serves a prix fixe menu that frequently changes. The restaurant seamlessly blends global flavors while integrating locally sourced ingredients, providing a unique gastronomic adventure.

The Carillon

Set within the AT&T Hotel and Conference Center, The Carillon offers a sophisticated dining experience, specializing in New American cuisine. The restaurant prides itself on serving elegantly crafted dishes made from seasonal ingredients.


Situated in a refurbished laundromat, Launderette delivers a relaxed yet stylish dining experience. The menu boasts a fusion of Mediterranean and American flavors, contributing to the restaurant's lively and welcoming ambiance.


Nestled within the South Congress Hotel, Otoko provides an intimate omakase experience under the expert guidance of celebrated chef Yoshi Okai. The restaurant uniquely blends Japanese cuisine with a touch of Texas.


As the sibling restaurant to the acclaimed Uchi, Uchiko presents a refined menu inspired by a contemporary Japanese farmhouse. It features sushi, sashimi, and other innovative dishes crafted using local and seasonal ingredients.

Barley Swine

Barley Swine focuses on a farm-to-table concept, offering a tasting menu that showcases locally sourced ingredients. The restaurant's dishes are chef-driven, highlighting imaginative flavor pairings.


A live-fire concept restaurant situated in downtown Austin, Hestia features an open kitchen and communal dining experience. Its menu spotlights wood-fired cooking techniques and seasonal ingredients.


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Austin is a vibrant metropolis pulsating with cultural dynamism and creative vitality. The city's rich tapestry of events and festivals unfurls throughout the year, drawing visitors from across the globe to partake in its wide array of experiences.

South by Southwest (SXSW)

South by Southwest (SXSW), a globally recognized festival held annually in March, is a highlight on Austin's cultural calendar. This illustrious event is a harmonious fusion of music, film, interactive media, and technology, transforming Austin into an international hub of creativity and innovation. SXSW boasts an array of film premieres, cutting-edge technology exhibitions, industry conferences, and a broad spectrum of musical performances. With artists spanning a multitude of genres performing in venues dispersed throughout the city, it becomes a veritable pilgrimage for music aficionados and industry professionals.

Austin City Limits Music Festival (ACL Fest)

Another cornerstone of Austin's cultural landscape is the Austin City Limits Music Festival (ACL Fest). Staged over two weekends in October in Zilker Park, ACL Fest attracts a remarkable roster of national and international artists who perform across multiple stages. The festival's diverse musical offerings include rock, hip-hop, country, and electronic music, catering to a wide range of preferences. Beyond the aural delights, attendees can indulge in a smorgasbord of local culinary treats, explore art installations, and partake in family-friendly activities.

Austin Film Festival

The Austin Film Festival, colloquially known as AFF, is an annual celebration of cinematic artistry that serves as a confluence for creators and enthusiasts alike. The festival, renowned for its emphasis on the writer's contribution to film, proffers a distinctive stage for independent voices, fostering an engaging discourse between industry professionals and aspiring talent. Through a diverse array of screenings, premiers, and conferences, it weaves a rich tapestry of narrative storytelling and innovative filmmaking, thereby solidifying Austin's status as a cultural nexus in the world of cinema.

Eeyore's Birthday Party

Eeyore's Birthday Party is an event that encapsulates the spirit of Austin's vibrant community. This whimsical festivity, inspired by the melancholic character from A.A. Milne's "Winnie-the-Pooh," has evolved into a beloved tradition since its inception in the 1960s. Held annually at Pease Park, this communal gathering invites attendees to partake in live music, local food, and games, all while donning imaginative costumes. It is an occasion that unites people in a jubilant celebration of communal harmony and creative expression.

Pecan Street Festival

The Pecan Street Festival is a bi-annual event that pays homage to Austin's historic 6th Street, originally named Pecan Street. This street fair, steeped in local heritage, celebrates the city's vibrant arts scene through a medley of craft booths, food vendors, and live music performances. It offers a platform for artisans to showcase their work, promoting the locale’s craftsmanship and culture. A community-driven initiative, the Pecan Street Festival embodies the Austin ethos of supporting local businesses and artists, making it a cherished event in the city's cultural calendar. \


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For exclusive shopping experiences in Austin, explore the city’s upscale shopping districts and boutiques for exclusive and stylish items to suit your tastes. Enjoy the diversity of options available, from high-end fashion to designer accessories and upscale home decor! From designer fashion labels to high-end home decor, here are some of the top places to indulge in a luxurious shopping spree:

The Domain

This outdoor shopping center in North Burnet is the place to find renowned fashion labels, luxury boutiques, and designer department stores. Indulge in a premier shopping experience with exclusive pieces from renowned brands.

South Congress Avenue

South Congress Avenue is known for its unique atmosphere, perfect for those looking to explore a different kind of shopping. Here, you can find one-of-a-kind items from local designers and independent boutiques. Shop from its eclectic selection of designer clothing, accessories, and home decor items amidst the area’s charming and artistic atmosphere.

The Galleria

The Galleria, an international shopping paradise located in the heart of Texas, is renowned as the Houston Galleria. Boasting the title of the biggest mall in the state and the seventh largest shopping center in the US, it offers more than just shopping, but a wealth of entertainment and leisure activities, too. With its posh hotels, delicious eateries, and even an ice-skating rink, the Galleria is a hub of luxury and fun. Not to mention, it also has a Luxe List featuring renowned designer brands such as Christian Louboutin, ZEGNA, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, and more, offering its patrons an unparalleled shopping experience.

Neiman Marcus

A destination for those seeking luxury, Neiman Marcus in Austin has established a presence at The Domain as part of the Neiman Marcus Group - a collection of high-end retailers such as Bergdorf Goodman and Horchow. Palm Way Drive is where you will find a well-designed store that offers an array of luxury items, from designer clothing to jewelry, beauty, and decorative home products. The store has gained a reputation as "the store that can get you anything" for its commitment to customer service, making it a premier destination for those with a love of fashion and an eye for luxury. With cutting-edge investments in data and technology, Neiman Marcus is equipped to provide an elevated shopping experience while also providing an outstanding selection of products from some of the world's most desirable brands. Whether you're searching for the latest trends or something unique for your home, Neiman Marcus in Austin is a destination worth visiting. \


Since 1979, ByGeorge has been the pinnacle of fashion and lifestyle in Austin, Texas. Established by Matt and Katy Culmo, it has evolved into a global beacon of style and sophistication. Now, under the stewardship of renowned entrepreneur Larry McGuire, ByGeorge continues to offer a unique blend of fashion and lifestyle products that cater to an eclectic and discerning customer base. Not only does ByGeorge have a physical presence in the heart of Austin, but its online platform allows customers around the globe to experience its sophisticated shopping experience. From timeless classics to contemporary designs, ByGeorge's inventory is a carefully curated collection that reflects its commitment to quality and style. With its reputation reaching beyond the borders of Austin, ByGeorge is a true testament to the changing tastes and preferences of its diverse customer base.

Julian Gold

Since its inception in 1945, Julian Gold has been an iconic source of fashion and elegance in Texas. With its unique blend of history, luxury, and service, Julian Gold has become more than just a store - it's a destination for those seeking exquisite style and personalized service. Today, Julian Gold continues to provide its customers with an unforgettable shopping experience. You can browse the latest collections from around the world in their stores and you can even take advantage of in-house alterations and delivery services. From the personal shopping sessions tailored to individual needs to the dedication of their expert stylists, Julian Gold is committed to ensuring customer satisfaction.


Julian Gold and Kuhl-Linscomb are two of Texas’s most beloved stores for design, lifestyle, and luxury goods. At Julian Gold, customers can find a vast selection of fashion labels along with a stunning collection of fine jewelry and accessories. Kuhl-Linscomb offers a unique shopping experience that offers an extensive range of home goods, furnishings, and gifts for the modern home. Whether you’re looking for timeless pieces or something unique to make your space stand out from the crowd, these stores have everything you need to give your home a luxurious makeover. Stop by either shop to explore an astonishing variety of furnishings and interior decorations that will transform any house into a stylish masterpiece.

Luxe Apothetique

For over a decade, Luxe Apothetique has been bringing the latest in fashion and beauty to Austin, Texas. Located at 11501 Century Oaks Ter. Ste 129, this boutique and salon is known for its unique blend of trendy clothing, novelty gifts, high-end apothecary and haircare products, and more. Here, the philosophy is that every woman should feel luxurious, confident, and beautiful. With frequent new arrivals, you're always guaranteed to find something fresh and exciting - not to mention affordable! What sets Luxe Apothetique apart is its dedication to giving back to the Austin community. They showcase local Austin artists' work, partner with small businesses, and donate to local charities - all while providing customers with the trendiest items at unbeatable prices. From quirky souvenirs to timeless, classic styles, Luxe Apothetique is your go-to destination for fashion and beauty needs. With the helpful and friendly staff, you can be sure to find what you're looking for in this vibrant and welcoming atmosphere.

Eliza Page

A gem in the heart of Austin, Texas, Eliza Page is a paradise for jewelry lovers and style aficionados. Founded in 2004 by Elizabeth Gibson, this boutique has been a symbol of independence in jewelry design, cultivating and promoting an abundant market of artisanal craftsmanship. Its name has become renowned for quality, sustainability, and extraordinary design, offering hand-selected collections of fine jewelry from local Austin-based artists as well as designers from all around the world. Situated in the lively 2nd Street District, the boutique is encompassed by some of Austin's finest restaurants and shopping spots. It provides an invigorating shopping experience.


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Complementing Austin's musical and cinematic offerings is its vibrant street art scene. The city's urban canvas is resplendent with vivid murals, provocative graffiti, and compelling installations. Public art initiatives such as the HOPE Outdoor Gallery, a community-driven outdoor art space, underscore the city's commitment to artistic expression. Roaming the streets of Austin becomes akin to an urban art odyssey, with visual surprises lurking around each corner.

The Hope Outdoor Gallery

The Hope Outdoor Gallery is a vibrant and unique community art park that has become an iconic part of the city's art scene. It was first launched in March 2010 on the site of a failed condo development, offering a space for local artists to showcase their creativity through graffiti and street art. This open-air cultural events center has been embraced by locals and tourists alike, with visitors appreciating the ever-changing, expressive nature of the artworks. Not only is the HOPE Outdoor Gallery a place to admire and be inspired by art, it also serves as a platform for artists to connect with causes and make a positive impact.

The Blanton Museum of Art

Nestled within the verdant campus of the University of Texas, the Blanton Museum of Art is a veritable treasure trove of artistic prowess. This esteemed institution is widely celebrated as one of Austin's leading cultural destinations, presenting an expansive collection that spans European, American, and Latin American art. The museum serves as a vibrant platform for a broad spectrum of exhibits and special events, fostering a dynamic dialogue between past, present, and future artistic narratives.

Umlauf Sculpture Garden and Museum

Residing in a tranquil garden milieu, the Umlauf Sculpture Garden and Museum provides a peaceful sanctuary dedicated to the prodigious works of acclaimed sculptor Charles Umlauf. As visitors meander through the verdant outdoor space, they are invited to engage with Umlauf's evocative sculptures, each one a testament to his mastery of form and emotion.

Bullock Texas State History Museum

Offering a comprehensive exploration of Texas' rich tapestry of history and culture, the Bullock Texas State History Museum captivates audiences with its extensive array of interactive exhibits, historical artifacts, and immersive multimedia presentations. This cultural venue brings the intricate narrative of the Lone Star State vividly to life, making it a must-visit for history enthusiasts and curious minds alike.

Mexic-Arte Museum

An ode to Mexican, Latino, and Latin American art and culture, the Mexic-Arte Museum is a vibrant cultural hub. It hosts a rotating roster of exhibitions, seamlessly blending contemporary and traditional artwork to offer a nuanced portrayal of these diverse cultures. Complemented by an array of educational programs and workshops, the museum seeks to enlighten and inspire its visitors.

The Contemporary Austin

Boasting two distinctive locations, The Contemporary Austin is a beacon for modern art in the city. Its primary site at Laguna Gloria juxtaposes outdoor sculptures against the backdrop of a historic villa, creating a unique fusion of old and new. Meanwhile, the Jones Center in downtown Austin acts as a revolving stage for changing exhibits, showcasing a myriad of contemporary artistic expressions.

Cathedral of Junk

Standing as a testament to the transformative power of creativity, the Cathedral of Junk is a unique cultural attraction in Austin. Conceived by Vince Hannemann, this sprawling sculpture is a labyrinthine wonderland crafted from recycled materials. Visitors are invited to traverse its eclectic pathways, marveling at the imaginative reuse of everyday objects and the eccentric vision of its creator.


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Famed for its dynamic nocturnal landscape, Austin, Texas, presents a multitude of opulent bars, lounges, clubs, and speakeasies. From dynamic clubs pulsating with live DJ sets to elegant rooftop lounges and from refined cocktail establishments to hidden speakeasies, Austin's nightlife scene is diverse and captivating. Below are some of the city's most luxurious nightlife destinations:

The Summit Rooftop Lounge

Perched atop the historic Stephen F. Austin InterContinental Hotel, the Summit Rooftop Lounge provides an exclusive retreat with panoramic vistas of the city skyline. It radiates a vibrant atmosphere enhanced by stellar DJ performances.

Highland Lounge

This celebrated establishment, revered as the city's premier gay club, is much more than a nightlife spot; it's a vibrant community hub that has carved its own unique niche in Austin's cultural tapestry. The interior design of the Highland Lounge is a testament to its stylish appeal. The layout harmoniously blends contemporary aesthetics with comfortable functionality, resulting in an environment that is both visually arresting and inviting. The dance floor is a focal point of the Highland Lounge, spacious and pulsating with energy. It serves as the heartbeat of the venue. The Highland Lounge is not just a cornerstone of Austin's gay scene but a vibrant and vital part of the city's broader cultural landscape. It encapsulates the spirit of Austin - eclectic, inclusive, and always ready for a good time.

The Domain Northside

Nestled in the pulsating heart of Austin, Northside, ensconced within the vibrant Rock Rose at The Domain, presents itself as a beacon of opulence and glamour. This region is renowned for its exquisite array of high-end nightclubs and entertainment venues, each one designed to provide an unforgettable experience that mirrors the electrifying ambiance of Las Vegas. The nightclubs in NORTHSIDE are bastions of luxury, offering patrons an unparalleled nightlife experience. They boast state-of-the-art audiovisual technology and world-class service, ensuring each visitor is immersed in an atmosphere of excitement and extravagance. These establishments frequently play host to top-tier musicians and DJs, making them a magnet for music enthusiasts and party-goers alike.

Midnight Cowboy

Midnight Cowboy is not merely a bar; it is a testament to the art of mixology. Each cocktail is a symphony of flavors crafted with meticulous precision and deep respect for the craft. The libations are more than just beverages; they are sensory journeys that tantalize the palate and captivate the imagination. A distinct sense of intrigue envelopes you as you approach the establishment. The façade is unassuming, blending into the urban landscape with a masterful subtlety that belies the vibrant energy contained within. Upon sighting this luminary cue, one is to press the buzzer labeled "Harry Craddock," a whimsical homage to the legendary bartender of yore. The atmosphere is at once intimate and convivial, steeped in a quiet elegance that sets the stage for an unforgettable experience. However, Midnight Cowboy maintains a set of house rules that uphold the sanctity of its unique ambiance. The establishment frowns upon large gatherings, excessive noise, and the use of mobile devices, encouraging you to immerse yourself in the moment fully. Reservations are highly recommended, though occasional opportunities for walk-ins do present themselves.

Here not There

Here Nor There, a semi-private speakeasy boasts an allure of exclusivity and intrigue that captivates its discerning clientele. Its unassuming facade belies the unique experience that awaits within - a carefully curated atmosphere reminiscent of the clandestine bars of the Prohibition era, yet imbued with a distinctly modern twist. Access to this exclusive establishment is granted only to those who have downloaded the 'Here Nor There' application, which serves as a portal to their reservation system. The current offering from Here Nor There is the intriguingly titled 'Colors,' a conceptual menu that presents you with an array of color-inspired cocktails. The team at Here Nor There uses their cocktails as a medium to challenge preconceptions and inspire new perspectives. Here Nor There is more than just a speakeasy; it is a testament to the transformative power of creativity and a sanctuary for those seeking an escape from the mundane.

The Roosevelt Room

The Roosevelt Room, celebrated for its meticulously crafted cocktails, is a favored destination for those seeking a polished and upscale bar experience. Its extensive drink menu and erudite bartenders ensure The Roosevelt Room, for instance, is a revered institution in Austin's cocktail scene. With its award-winning bartenders and a menu that spans over a century of cocktail history, it is a must-visit for those seeking a truly elevated drinking experience.

The Continental Club

The Continental Club, a stalwart of Austin's live music scene, offers patrons the chance to enjoy a night of great music and drinks. Its retro vibe and a stellar line-up of musicians make it a favorite among locals and tourists unforgettable evening.

The Townsend

Celebrated for its refined setting and outstanding live music renditions, The Townsend is a requisite visit for music lovers. Offering a diverse range of genres from jazz to blues, this venue presents an intimate musical experience. Offering a diverse range of genres in an intimate setting, it promises a unique musical journey.

The Driskill Bar

Situated within the historic Driskill Hotel, The Driskill Bar exudes luxury and charm, offering a broad selection of craft cocktails. The Driskill Bar is more than just a place to enjoy a drink; it is an experience steeped in the grandeur of a bygone era. Its luxurious setting, adorned with leather chairs, vintage decor, and ornate woodwork, transports patrons back in time, offering a splendid tableau that mirrors the opulence of the Victorian age. The atmosphere resonates with an unmistakable allure, one that is simultaneously comforting and exciting, familiar yet entirely unique. One of the key features of The Driskill Bar is its extensive selection of craft cocktails. These libations, meticulously crafted by seasoned mixologists, represent a perfect fusion of tradition and innovation. In addition to its beverages, The Driskill Bar offers an array of appetizing culinary delights. These offerings complement the drinks perfectly, providing a well-rounded experience for the discerning epicurean.

The Secret Bar in the W

Nestled within the opulent confines of the W Hotel, the Secret Bar exudes an ambiance of elegance and exclusivity. A visit here is not merely a night out but rather an immersive experience into a world where the ordinary is left at the door and the extraordinary reigns supreme. As the sun sets and the clock strikes six, the Secret Bar springs to life. Open from Thursday through Saturday, this nocturnal oasis welcomes guests who are in the know. The journey to this hidden gem commences in the Records Room, a gateway concealed within the W's Living Room Bar. As one navigates through this labyrinth of vinyl records, the mundane world fades away, replaced by the promise of a night filled with intrigue and indulgence.


The Line Hotel, featuring a rooftop pool bar known as P6, provides panoramic views of downtown Austin. Here, guests can enjoy craft cocktails in a stylish setting, making it a popular spot for socializing and absorbing the city's energy .P6 offers an exquisite selection of libations that are as diverse as they are delightful. Their cocktail menu showcases a creative blend of classic concoctions and innovative creations, each carefully crafted to tantalize the palate. Whether you prefer a refreshing gin-based drink, a robust whiskey cocktail, or a crisp glass of wine, P6's extensive offerings cater to every discerning taste.


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Experience the lavish lifestyle that Austin, Texas, has to offer! From upscale activities to indulgent experiences, this city caters to affluent crowds and discerning travelers alike. Ensure an unforgettable and extravagant visit to the city with some of the best luxurious options Austin has to offer.

Private Helicopter Tours

Embark on an unparalleled journey of discovery and delight with a private helicopter tour over the captivating cityscape of Austin. This exclusive aerial adventure affords you an extraordinary perspective of the city's distinguished landmarks, set against a backdrop of the sun-kissed Texas skyline. Witness the majesty of the Texas State Capitol building, the shimmering waters of Lady Bird Lake, and the serene beauty of Zilker Metropolitan Park from an eagle's perspective. The vibrancy of Austin's urban life blends seamlessly with the tranquility of its natural surroundings, creating a mesmerizing tableau that is as dynamic as it is serene. Each flight is tailored to your unique preferences.

Live Music and Entertainment

One of the most prominent venues in Austin is ACL Live at The Moody Theater. This state-of-the-art facility is home to the long-running PBS show Austin City Limits. With a capacity of over 2,700 people, the venue offers a grand setting for live performances. The theater is known for its excellent acoustics, luxurious interiors, and comfortable seating, providing an upscale experience for concert-goers. Enjoy intimate performances by renowned artists in this luxurious and acoustically stunning setting.

Exclusive Wine Tastings

For the more adventurous, explore Austin's nearby Hill Country with private wine tastings and tours. Sample extraordinary wines from some of the state's most renowned wineries in an unrivaled setting. Many wineries even offer personalized experiences, allowing visitors to get an insider look at the winemaking process while enjoying high-quality vintages. With a variety of choices, you're sure to find a unique tasting experience that suits your tastes.

Golfing Experiences

The city, celebrated for its vibrant music scene and delectable cuisine, also boasts a rich golfing tradition. Among its revered golf courses, the Barton Creek Resort & Spa's Fazio Foothills course and Omni Barton Creek Resort's Crenshaw Cliffside course stand out as epitomes of golfing excellence. Imagine teeing off at the Fazio Foothills course, a masterpiece conceived by Tom Fazio, one of the most acclaimed golf course architects in the world. Equally captivating is the Crenshaw Cliffside course, a testament to the creative genius of Ben Crenshaw, a native Austinite and two-time Masters champion. As you traverse the undulating fairways and navigate the treacherous greens, you will be awestruck by the panoramic views of the Texas Hill Country that unfurl around you.

Outdoor Adventures

Venture into the grandeur of Austin's outdoors. Adventures include an exhilarating zipline experience, a fusion of adrenaline and awe-inspiring vistas. For those more grounded, embark on a tranquil journey along the Lady Bird Lake Hike-and-Bike Trail. Lastly, make your way to the majestic McKinney Falls State Park. This verdant sanctuary offers a refreshing retreat from the city's hustle and bustle. So, venture forth and discover the enchanting allure of Austin's great outdoors, a captivating blend of urban sophistication and untouched natural beauty.

Sunset Boat Cruise with Bat Watching

Whether you are a wildlife enthusiast, a lover of sunsets, or simply seeking a memorable experience, this sunset boat cruise with bat-watching in Austin promises an evening filled with beauty, tranquility, and wonder. As the sun starts to dip below the horizon, painting the sky with its mesmerizing palette of oranges, purples, and pinks, the cruise embarks on its leisurely journey along the tranquil waters. The highlight of the cruise is undoubtedly the viewing of Austin's renowned bat colony, nestled under the iconic Congress Avenue Bridge.

Stand-up Paddleboarding on Lady Bird Lake

Navigate the serene waters of Lady Bird Lake, placed in the heart of Austin. Begin your aquatic adventure by renting top-quality paddleboards. With paddle in hand, slice through the glassy surface of the lake. The verdant foliage that lines the shores casts shimmering reflections upon the water's surface, creating a mesmerizing kaleidoscope of greens. Wildlife is abundant here; be prepared to encounter a variety of birds soaring overhead or perched in nearby trees. All the while, the city skyline looms in the distance, its modern architecture contrasting beautifully with the natural splendor of the lake.

Supercar Experiences

Immerse yourself in the exhilarating realm of supercar experiences in the heart of Texas. This vibrant city also serves as a haven for automotive enthusiasts seeking an adrenaline-infused escapade. Luxury car rentals in Austin offer the discerning motorist a chance to savor the unparalleled thrill of commanding a high-performance vehicle. Whether you yearn for the assertive roar of a Lamborghini, the sophisticated allure of a Bentley, or the sheer power of a Ferrari, Austin's luxury car rental services cater to every taste and predilection. However, the ultimate supercar experience lies within the confines of Austin's professional racetracks, the world-famous Circuit of the Americas - home to one of Formula One's quickest tracks. Get behind the wheel of the brand-new 2018 Audi RS 3 and experience a thrilling program designed to delight both novice and professional drivers. Learn the fundamentals of competitive driving while satiating your appetite for speed as you race around the circuit.

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Domus is an invitation-only membership granted only to a few individuals who will meet the requirements of our rigorous selection process. It will require a significant investment, but upon admission will grant the member access to a comprehensive lifestyle program and exclusive premium services that include a dedicated team available to you around the clock. Reach out to our Client Relations Manager to begin the process.

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Why our clients love us

"It was an amazing trip. The house and setting were beautiful and perfect and the staff were superb. Your concierge team did an outstanding job to ensure that all my requests were met."
Real estate company
"We had a great stay at the beautiful home which exceeded our expectations. The LVH team prepared a detailed itinerary for us and service was over the top fantastic!"
Investment services provider
Executive Vice President
"LVH provided fantastic services and assistance for the party. Their staff was just a pleasure to have on a day to day basis. Thank you! We look forward to working with LVH again in the future."
US investment firm
Founder and CEO
"​​Thank you for everything! We had a great time. Thank you for your services and your attention. All of you are very special. It was a pleasure working with all of you!"
Sustainable materials supplier
Chairman and Co-CEO
"A totally enjoyable and seamless experience. Thank you all for your kind help. I look forward to working with all of you in the future and I will definitely recommend LVH to my friends."
Ivy League University
"I can't say enough good things about LVH. I started working with them a few years back for some family vacations, and their professionalism, amazing service and discretion has been a 10."
Healthcare technology firm


We pride ourselves in delivering exquisite home charters, tailored experiences, and premium home and lifestyle management to our clients anytime and anywhere. Let us be your family’s curator of immeasurable moments.
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Our community is our strength

Our exclusive community brings together a collective of trusted homeowners and guests who share a passion for refinement, elegance, and elevated human experiences. Become a member of our LVH family today, or for exclusive access to our ultra-premium services, upgrade your membership to Domus.
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Inquire About Austin

Thank you for your interest. We provide a range of exceptional homes in this area - beyond our website listings. To explore these luxury rentals, please complete the form and our Client Relations Manager will reach out to you shortly.
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